You, too, are obviously searching for answers to health problems like I was years ago.  I remember frantically searching and finally stumbling on to The Specific Carbohydrate Diet on the Internet about 3 a.m. one morning in 2000, and getting so excited because it seemed to bring so much information together into one neat little package.  I had already made a decision to change my way of eating, but I still didn’t have a clear picture of how to do that.  All the information I had accumulated was very jumbled.  I needed a track to run on . . . a definite regimen.  Somehow I just knew this was the right plan . . . and, oh my, how right I was!  The SCD has changed my life, my family’s life and the lives of many of my friends and people they know, and those they know, etc. Many of us with success stories are spreading the news around the world. I am so glad you found the SCD and I hope it will unfold a new world for you like it has for so many of us . . .  and that you will spread the news by sending them to this website and .


Based on my research over the years, I believe the world should be eating the SCD way in order to avoid the majority of health problems today.  We simply must realize that many foods are not the same as they were 100 years ago . . . even 50 years ago.  We must make changes in order to become and stay healthy.  We must stop grabbing junk foods while running from one crazy appointment to the next!  Most of us would never consider abusing our vehicles like we abuse our own bodies.  And then we wonder why they “wear out” before their time?  Unfortunately, many people have to be “on the bottom” before they are willing to make changes in their lifestyle.  Most would rather just pop a pill if it will improve their “symptoms”, and some actually believe that if there are no symptoms, they are cured. What most don't realize is that a pill ALWAYS has side effects and is only a temporary "band-aid".  Eventually, more pills may be needed to fix the problem caused by the side effect of the first pill, etc., or more drastic measures will be needed . . . such as treatment for cancer or surgery to remove damaged intestines . . . and that still won’t be the ultimate answer to their health problems.


Everyone you know needs to know more about eating healthy and avoiding disease. After you become healthier, YOU can be a great influence on them!  And by helping others, you will likely benefit the most! You will stay inspired. You will find that your friends will have great respect for you if you are determined to QUIETLY go about taking a stand on what you will and will not put into your own body.  If you and I COMPLAIN about what we CANNOT eat, however, they will never want to follow our example.  Our POSITIVE attitude will be a great motivator . . . and we will lead by our example.  Our friends and loved ones are watching and they need to know what we know!  When they see us getting healthier, having more energy, happier, and looking better, they will become curious and start asking questions. 


I don't tell people I'm Celiac and my husband has Crohn's, because they immediately think, "Well, I don't have that, so I don't need that diet".  And I don't say I'm on a "diet" because they instantly think "starvation". 


Instead, I just tell them that my husband and I were having serious health problems years ago until we started eating really healthy . . . and our lives have dramatically changed as a result.  If they ask what we eat, I tell them that basically we eat no processed foods, starch or sugar . . . and that I don't miss one single thing that I gave up, and that I don't have cravings any more!  Then I tell them how much more energy I have, that I lost 55 lbs. (I tell them this only if THEY need to lose weight), that I don't ache and hurt any more, that I'm not foggy brained, sleepy and tired all the time, that my cholesterol is now normal without meds, that my skin, hair, and nails are better, and that I've gone from 10 meds down to 2, and all the other benefits my husband and I have reaped as a result of SCD . . . like no acid reflux, diarrhea or constipation, itching, rashes, dandruff, sleepless nights, migraines . . . and the list goes on.  Everybody already knows that eating a healthy diet of no processed foods is the healthy way to eat; but they need a track to run on and they need to see someone really doing it and enjoying it!  As they ask questions, I feed them a little more info, then tell them about BREAKING THE VICIOUS CYCLE, and that everyone's health, good or bad, begins in the gut with the digestive process, and that our predominately processed diets, overuse of antibiotics and stressful lives have made most people ill.


Most people today are so sick and tired of being sick and tired.  I hope you will make a commitment today to heal yourself first by following the SCD 100% . . . and then influencing others to follow . . . one by one.  Part of my motivation for standing firm and sticking to the SCD was (and still is) that I KNEW that all the people I love . . . my husband, children, mother, grandchildren, brothers, friends, etc., etc., etc., NEEDED this diet.  I simply could not/cannot keep this healthier way of eating a secret after I experienced such a life change and saw so many other lives changed as well.  Most of the people you know are sick, too.  Since most illness is due to faulty diet and nutrition, most people will never get well or feel wonderful by just going to doctors. If you can't stick to eating healthy just to help yourself, stick to it to help them. 


I can't tell you how many more people you will influence to try the SCD, and how many lives you personally will help, just be being a walking talking example.  And of course,  the TEACHER is always the one who learns and benefits the most. 



Kay Stence