Food, like religion, politics and sex, is a touchy subject!  And a change in diet and eating habits can be tough. You'll most likely face resistance and frustration from yourself, your family, and/or your friends. Don’t give up when you hit a bump. Focus on feeling healthy and energetic in order to overcome the roadblocks.  After all, if you don’t take charge of your health, who will? Take notice of which stage of change below that you're in, focus on the benefits of staying on target, and keep on moving forward!


1. Shock or surprise. "What?" "Are you kidding?" "I can’t believe …!"
2. Fear & resistance.
"I’m not sure I can do this ….” “What happens if …?”
3. Guilt.
"I can't believe I ate ..." "I so wish I hadn’t ..." "Why did I ...?"
4. Excuses.
"If Suzie hadn’t … then I wouldn’t ..." "You should have … then I ..."
5. Questions.
 "How do others do it?"  "What about …?" Maybe I should ask …”
6. Decision. "I’d really like to change."  "I'm going to ..."  "I will ..."

(At this point, most of us back up to #2 and work back to #6 again – at least once, and usually more than that, before we're ready to move on.)

7. Experimentation. "I finally tried ..." "I experimented with ..." “I discovered …”

8. Self-Criticism and judging. "How stupid of me!" "How clumsy!" "I'll never be able to do this!"  (At this point, again, we'll usually go to #2 and work our way back down - but much faster this time.)

9. Trying again. "I can see where..." "Hmm, I think this might work..." I'll try again.

10. New adopted behavior this time!!! Hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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Read the following several times daily:


If I let go a little, I will have a little peace. If I let go a lot, I will have even more peace.  So whatever is frustrating, controlling, or upsetting me … I will practice letting go. With God's help, I will repeat this exercise often daily:  I will consciously take deep breaths. As I'm breathing in, I will close my eyes and feel the peace that comes with breath awareness. I will let my breath be still for a second or two before I breathe out; noting the peace and stillness and confidence at the pause before I breathe out. I realize that this peace and stillness and confidence are always here for me. They are a gift from God.  I just have to slow down enough to become aware of Him … breathe in, then out … in, then out … and consciously hand my frustrations and weaknesses over to Him.

"Be still and know that I am God”    Psalms 46:10

Kay Stence