My friend, Joe, had a stomach virus about three months ago. He has had bouts of diarrhea, constipation and right side pain ever since. He went to a GI doc who put him on Amitriptyline for his anxiety and scheduled him for extensive tests.  The pain became so bad in a few days, he went to emergency, thinking he had appendicitis. They did tests, found nothing, and sent him home to wait for his appointment for the colonoscopy.


During this time we tweaked his SCD foods.  His symptoms would get better and then worse. We kept tweaking and he began to fear cancer, strictures, diverticulitis, or ulcers.  Finally the day came for the tests. They checked everything relating to the intestinal tract and stomach.


Several days later all the results were in. They found absolutely nothing . . . no inflammation, no polyps, no scarring, no ulcers, no intestinal narrowing. The biopsies came back negative for bacterial overgrowth, parasites, etc.  The doc said his intestinal tract looked fabulous . . . younger than his years. He asked how long he had been following the SCD . . . nodded, smiled, and said, "It's working".   My friend asked, "Then what is wrong with me?"  Doc explained that the neck pain he's had for years in combination with stress from work, stress from a relationship breakup, and fear of serious illness, could all have triggered digestive/bowel problems because the gut/brain connection is so incredibly strong.


Another piece of the puzzle . . . Joe had also weaned off Xanax (which he had taken for years) a few weeks before the symptoms all started.  Doc believed that there was a strong possibility that withdrawal of the drug could have also triggered symptoms. Doc reassured him that he had a very healthy gut and stomach. 


Joe’s been on the Amitriptyline about three weeks now and his days are beginning to level off. He's still tweaking the SCD and thinks maybe he's nailed down a couple of foods he ate on a daily basis that gave him reactions.


I've told you this story to say that at some point we must trust that we are doing everything we can and then accept on faith what our docs tell us, relax, put our focus on others, and continue on with our life.  Fretting and agonizing often trigger our body to respond negatively to our fears.


Bible study, meditation, and prayer are wonderful ways to get your mind, body, and life balanced.