Herb-flavored oils can be quite pricey to buy in the store and may contain ‘illegal’ ingredients. Safe and savory herb flavored olive oils are quite easy to make at home.

Couple sprigs fresh, organic rosemary

Fresh, organic, extra-virgin olive oil (enough to top off small bottle)

·         Place rosemary sprigs in a shallow bowl.

·         Crush rosemary by pressing down on sprigs with the bottom of a tablespoon and rolling the spoon firmly over them. This releases the aroma from the leaves.

·         Pop sprigs into small glass jar. It's a great way to use those little, glass jars you've saved (because you know you should) but never get around to using.

·         Top off jar with fresh, organic, extra-virgin olive oil.

·         Cover jar with lid or piece of aluminum foil.

·         Refrigerate for 3-4 days. The most fabulous aroma will develop.

·         Strain oil through cheesecloth. Pour into a decorative oil bottle.

There you go! A perfectly-yummy, homemade, rosemary-flavored olive oil, fantastic in cooking or raw on salads.

Taken from: www.mercola.com