"Am I eating too many carbohydrates . . . or too much protein, fat or salt . . . or not enough fiber or protein . . . ? I don't really know anything about food  . . . except I know what tastes good to me."  My question is, "If you don’t know, how can you KNOW when or if you’re eating healthy?"

Do you really know why you have a weight or lack of weight problem? Most people on the SCD will arrive at their recommended healthy weight just by eating the SCD foods listed on the “Complete SCD Foods List”. In some cases, however, if an individual just loves sweet tasting foods and has no knowledge of the nutritional breakdowns of foods, he often adds too many “SCD legal” carbs into his diet. Too many or too little, either way, is not a good thing and can result in a continuing yeast/candida problem, malabsorbtion of nutrients, and thus nutritional deficiencies and a weakened immune system.

Also, one of the worst and most common mistakes people make is eating too little fiber. They need to know that fiber supplements are too rough for a damaged colon, and/or contain sugars that feed the yeast/bacteria . . . the very thing the SCD is working to defeat. Fiber is a critical key to good digestion, avoiding cancer, and a hundred other things. Before following the SCD, I had been getting way too little fiber for three reasons: I wasn't really aware of which foods provide a lot of fiber (which I now know include raw fruits and fresh vegetables), I didn’t particularly love fiber-laden foods, and I wasn't paying attention to my fiber intake anyway. Now I do; and it’s made all the difference.

Check out a great Internet service that keeps tabs your daily food consumption http://www.my-calorie-counter.com/journal.asp  It breaks everything down by key dietary considerations, such as fats, saturated fats, carbohydrates, proteins, sodium, and fiber. You don't need to keep this diary forever . . . just long enough to educate yourself and become aware of nature’s healthiest foods.

Your body will tell you when you get the balance right and you will love yourself for making wise nutritional choices!