By Jon Herring

The Washington Post recently reported on a Harvard study of more than 90,000 women between the ages of 26 and 46. It showed that those who consumed the most red meat had almost twice the risk of a common form of hormone-fueled breast cancer than those who ate red meat infrequently.

The Post correctly pointed out that the cause of this hormone-receptor-positive breast cancer could be the result of growth hormones that are injected into or fed to the animals these women consumed. But that is where the good sense ends.

The writer of the article suggests that this is a good reason to avoid red meat altogether. What a crock. That is the equivalent of telling someone to completely avoid drinking water, just because the groundwater in their area is contaminated. It's not the red meat that is the problem ... it's what is in the red meat.

It should be no surprise that hormone-pumped meat can induce hormone-receptive cancers. But that is no reason to avoid all red meat. Naturally raised, grass-fed, hormone-free red meat is one of the most nutritionally dense sources of protein available - and it's the ONLY red meat you should consume.

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