(part 1)

I love it when the establishment media trumpets research findings that support unpopular theories I've been putting forth for years. Not to boast, but it really shows how far ahead of the pack I am - and you are, for reading me. (OK, so I'm boasting...)

That's exactly what happened this past week - a major mainstream news outlet reported evidence that adds even more credence to an assertion I've been making about ADHD ever since it became the disease-du-jour for lazy parents and even lazier psychiatrists (around 15 years ago). Of course, I'm going to tell you exactly how, but first you need a little background...

If you've been a Daily Dose reader (or a Douglass Report reader) for any length of time at all, you've heard me ranting many times before about how ADD/ADHD is - in the vast majority of treated cases - a completely MADE-UP diagnosis. I've mostly been attributing the explosion in diagnoses of this "disease" to a pair of coinciding seismic cultural shifts:

First, the marginalization of traditional parenting skills - as in both tolerance AND discipline - at the hands of a "blameless society" phenomenon that's been sweeping an increasingly multicultural, welfare-state America for the last 20 years. This guiltless, anything-goes, "I'm OK you're OK" panacea movement absolves parents of almost all accountability for their childrearing, shifting blame for anyone's perceived shortcomings (parents' and kids' alike) to schools, the system, or the evils of healthy, natural competition.

Second, booms in both the self-help pop psychology industry and the drug-driven psychiatric profession. After all, hack authors need crises to write books and articles about - and hack head-shrinks need "diseases" to treat, even if they have to make them up. These influences conspire to brainwash haggard parents into believing that there's something wrong with their kids simply because the process of raising them can be trying at times. That just doesn't square with images of the child-rearing experience they see on TV, in the movies, or on the covers of Perfect Parent and Happy Kids magazines.
The combined end result of both of these things is this: Perfectly normal childhood behaviors (like rambunctious-ness and a short attention span) get reclassified as ADHD, resulting in multiple addictive prescriptions being doled out - Ritalin for "unruly" kids and Valium for the "stressed-out" parents. Keep reading...

Due to these two contemporary trends, our culture has all but lost sight of the dual realities that 1) Kids are supposed to be a rip-roaring pain in the rump sometimes, and 2) that parenting isn't always supposed to be a stress-free picnic for all involved. Because this plurality has vanished on a sweeping scale from the radar screens of parents and those who advise them in the U.S. of A., a whole lot of people (psychiatrists, book publishers, and the fat cats at Big Pharma to name a few) are making a whole lot of money...

Meanwhile, the poor kids who are unjustly branded as sufferers of ADHD simply because their parents are insecure and lazy - or their doctors are greedy and lazy themselves - suffer the addiction and ultimately REAL psychological effects this trendy "imbalance" has stamped into the consciousness of an entire generation of Americans.

Winners: Big Pharma, the parasitic self-help industry, and mainstream medicine. Losers: American kids. OK, so now you know where I'm coming from on the ADHD issue - or you've been reminded of it in summary...

In the next Daily Dose, I'll tell you why there may be yet another reason for the rampant modern proliferation of this "disease" - one that is NOT made up by industries that prey on the stress of parenting. It's a factor I haven't talked about very much before, owing to the lack of studies that link it to ADHD diagnosis.

But it's very real, and as I alluded to above, now there's some hard evidence pointing to it. Stay tuned - all the details are coming in part 2 of this essay...

Giving "pop psychology" a pop in the chops,

William Campbell Douglass II, M.D.




KAY'S NOTE:  Most ADHD children can be "cured" by following a nutritious whole foods SCDiet. Also read PARENTING THE STRONG-WILLED CHILD by Dr. James Dobson and "dare to discipline" your child with love to help him grow into a well-adjusted, fullfilled adult who raises well-adjusted, fullfilled children.