If you don't like taking prescribed or even over-the-counter medications any more than I do, try chicken soup and lots of rest.


For nasal congestion, there is a simple solution you can get right at your grocery store. If you’ve ever noticed the way spicy food can clear out your sinuses, you won't be surprised at my suggestion. Chili peppers, red peppers, paprika, and cayenne are all part of a plant family called Capsicum annum. There is a compound present in these spices called capsaicin that has many important medical effects, among them, the relief of nasal and sinus congestion.


There are a couple of ways to harness the effects of capsaicin. Spicing up your food is one way, for minor relief. For something more long-lasting you can work with a natural physician to find a form of capsaicin that you can use intranasally for relief. To locate a natural medicine physician in your area who can help you with this, contact the American College for Advancement in Medicine at (949)583-7666 or www.acam.org