by Carolyn Dean, M.D., N.D.


I often hear complaints about skin problems from my clients who have a hard time understanding how yeast in their intestines can affect their skin. In my experience hives, chronic itching, rashes, acne, coated tongue, and psoriasis can all go away when you eliminate yeast.

If you could light your body up like a fluorescent bulb, you could see yeast all over your skin – from head to toe and everywhere in between. Coming through the birth canal, newborns are plastered with the normal yeast found in their mother’s vaginal tract. Some of that yeast gets in their mouths. Breastfeeding allows babies to make contact with the yeast on their mother’s skin. Even if you don’t breastfeed, tiny hands that are always in the mouth pick up yeast from anyone’s skin they may touch.


Yeast from the vaginal tract and skin creates a white coating called thrush on the tongues of most babies. Thrush often goes away but if the baby is given an antibiotic or the mother eats too much sugar, thrush can worsen. Also yeast diaper rash can develop making everyone’s life miserable. In adults, a coated white tongue and rashes in the folds of the skin – underneath the breasts and in the groin – are most often due to yeast.

Then we have to consider yeast toxins. Never underestimate the power of yeast toxins! One in particular that we know about is called zymosan. It causes inflammation in the body and is released onto the skin when we sweat. Zymosan has been directly associated with psoriasis.


In my experience, when people go on a strict yeast detox they can develop acne when yeast toxins flood the body as the yeast are dying off. The acne improves with a complete yeast detox. It always makes me think that, in some people, yeast could be the cause of acne in the first place.