Even if you need to loose or gain weight, don’t fret about it!  That’s right!  You don’t even need to be concerned with that at the beginning of learning this new way of eating.  In fact, drop the “diet” mentality all together . . . because there is no such thing as a "diet" that works. Focus on getting HEALTHY! The real health gurus will be the first to tell you that the only way to become healthier, lose weight, and keep it off is to make a permanent change in your eating habits . . . by reducing carbs and refined sugars (which, by the way, suppress the immune system) and by adding vegetables, fruits and foods that are high in protein and animal fats.  Drop the "low-fat diet" mentality and you can begin dropping pounds . . . quickly, safely and almost effortlessly.  The medical mainstream's got it all wrong!  When it comes to heart health, fat and cholesterol are NOT the enemies.  In fact, your body needs them to stay healthy.  Among the true culprits behind heart disease are bacteria, homocysteine and dangerous free radical damage.  Instead, think about “getting healthy” FIRST . . . your weight should normalize if you’re eating HEALTHY. 




Here are a few tips to lose weight (or if you have chronic indigestion or acid reflux):


“Graze” throughout the day and gradually cut back on portions until your stomach shrinks.  Eating heavy can cause more reflux in overweight people; especially if you have damage to the esophageal sphincter. Eat "very small" and as often as needed to keep comfortable . . . that may be every 2-3 hours for a while to keep insulin levels stable, and until healing has occurred.  Eat only on a small 8” plates at mealtimes to psyche yourself into thinking you have enough . . . a “plate-full”.  Check out my Ideal Daily Food Goal.  Eat a little protein before you have fruit or a veggie to keep blood sugar levels normal and brain chemistry in balance.  Snack only when you’re hungry . . . and make sure it's "SCD legal".  Remember that overeating or indulging in the wrong food is not a cure for a glum mood.  You’ll just suffer for it later.  Eat the whole fruit (instead of drinking juices) to increase fiber and lower your sugar intake. An orange has 90 calories and an 8 oz. glass of juice has 110 calories. 


I bake almond flour bread, cake, cookies, or nut bread about twice a month, doubling the recipe, and then freeze and rotate.  We have dessert (only a tiny piece) every day and have lost to our desired weight!!!!  Unbelievable!!!  Since I’ve always been a “desert kind of girl”, that works for me!  Of, course, moderation is the key. Fill up on a little protein and lots of veggies first and you won’t want so much “dessert”. 


Believe me, there is no deprivation with this way of eating!!! You won’t miss the junk foods if you’re cooking the “real” thing! Keeping some kind of “legal” goodie baked will keep you satisfied and from being tempted to cheat. I’ve found that if I deprive myself of sweet baked goods for a while, it’s harder to stop with just a little. For weight loss, I suggest you limit almond flour goods to the equivalent of 1 medium muffin and 1-2 servings of fruit per day.  I find I am not hungry or "craving" constantly as I did in the past.  Once I starved out the bad bacteria (got rid of the Candida) and healed the intestines, I no longer had the constant "knawing" in the top of my stomach . . . UNLESS I eat sugar or starchy foods or have to take antibiotics again.  Don and I continued to eat heavy on green veggies and low glycemic veggies and fruits, and very small portions until we reached our desired weight. We’ve found that we actually need less food when we’re eating whole, natural foods.  Most folks are in the habit of eating way too much . . . they’re addicted to the carbohydrates and don’t know when (or how) to break the addiction.  Is it ever a great feeling when you KNOW how to break that cycle!!!  That’s what the SCD is all about.


When Don and I eat out, we often order only one entrée, ask for an extra plate, and split it . . . and he’s a big-boned guy!  Or we ask for a “doggy bag” and bring part of our meal home.  We both come away feeling satisfied and comfortable instead of “bloated and stuffed”. The SCD is really so simple . . . you don’t even have to count calories! 


The foods on the SCD are so good that you’ll never get bored and you can (and will want) to eat this way for the rest of your life! Not only that; you will feel better than you’ve probably felt in your entire life because you will have a healthy gut that digests and absorbs nutrients properly!


If you are one of those people who never strays from the path of the low-carb eating philosophy and you STILL have trouble shedding those extra pounds, rev up your metabolism with regular exercise.  The ULTIMATE health standard for exercise is 1 hour per day.  Even walking 30 minutes 3 times a week will keep weight down, lower cholesterol, strengthen the heart, and work off stress.  Even 10 minutes of cardiovascular activity 3 times a day has been found to be very beneficial. 


Experts tell us a great goal for good health is to accumulate 10,000 steps a day.  To help keep track, some people use an electronic pedometer, a palm size gadget that clips to your waistband and measures the number of steps you take.


Even little everyday lifestyle activities can provide health benefits similar to a traditional gym-based workout.  So, get moving by parking in the furthest space, climbing the stairs instead of taking the elevator or walking or stretching while you’re on the phone.  Balance on one foot while brushing your teeth.  Balance on the other foot while combing your hair.  Take your dog for a walk every day . . . or borrow your neighbor’s dog . . . or just walk your “inner dog.”

Practicing stress, anxiety and tension-relieving “can-do thinking” does wonderful things for the attitude, spirit, body and motivation.  Remember: We are what we think.  And for goodness sake, be patient and loving to yourself while on this journey; remembering that you are learning a new lifestyle . . . one that you will live with for the rest of your life in order to remain healthy.  Joining one of the SCD support groups that you will find listed in “Links” at www.breakingtheviciouscycle.info and gaining knowledge from those who’ve made the same journey will aid in motivating you to hang in there, even when you’re tempted to give up . . . until it's a way of life.

Oh, and did I say drink looooooots of water?

Drinking 6-8 glasses per day of good filtered or bottled water is a must

to flush out toxins, help hunger cravings, lose pounds, have clearer skin,

and to be really healthy!!!



Now, reward yourself with a special activity

when you’ve accomplished small weight loss goals. 

Scheduling work, prayer, meditation, and play times DAILY

will bring about a positive attitude and positive results!

Kay Stence