It’s important to note that some people with intestinal diseases and malabsorbtion issues are not overweight as my husband and I were.  From years of malabsorbing nutrients, they are often extremely thin and frail, appearing to be anorexic.  They will need to ADD more “legal” high glycemic foods to their diet in order to maintain or gain weight.  They can also enjoy their yogurt made from half & half or whipping cream (with no gums added – read label) to get more calories.  They can enjoy snacks (legal of course) often during the day. 

Those who are under weight often lose a few pounds when they first start on the SCD, then gain them back and eventually stabilize after the overgrowth of bacteria die off, the intestines heal, and they begin to absorb nutrients properly.  To keep from losing too much too fast, they should eat plenty of the following SCD legal foods:

Olive oil



Carrots & squash

Nut butters (sweetened with honey)

Very ripe bananas (with spots)

Homemade coconut milk

Cheese (hard)

Homemade legal mayonnaise

SCD Cheesecake

Almond baked goodies (with a pat of butter or honey-sweetened dripped yogurt)

SCD homemade yogurt made from half & half or whipping cream

Weight-Gain Smoothie (twice a day)

"weight-gain" smoothie:
4 oz. Welch's purple grape juice
1 Tbsp. omega-3 fish oil
4 oz. SCD legal coconut milk
1 small banana
1-2 additional choice of fruits


The SCD™ Knowledge Base

Weight Loss

Elaine writes:
I am constantly writing answers about weight and I wish some of the information would get to more than the person who is asking it. If you have been on the diet for 3 or more weeks and you are still losing weight, you have a choice: if you are healing (D is gone and there are other improvements), and you are still losing weight, you can give up on SCD™ and trade the weight for a return of the symptoms. Some people lose weight at the beginning.

However, if you are using lots of olive oil and butter and making many of the recipes and your appetite is good and you are getting better, the weight loss should stop at about the third week. If it does not and it upsets you, you will just have to go back to your other way of eating. Not all people have this problem; many start gaining about the 3-4th week even if it is just a bit. The reason you lose at the beginning is that your whole digestive system is changing from a bacterial digestive system to a human digestive system.

Originally from the Long Island listserve.


Practicing stress, anxiety and tension-relieving “can-do thinking” does wonderful things for the attitude, spirit, body and motivation.  Remember: We are what we think.  And for goodness sake, be patient and loving to yourself while on this journey; remembering that you are learning a new lifestyle . . . one that you will live with for the rest of your life in order to remain healthy.  Joining one of the SCD support groups that you will find listed in “Links” at www.breakingtheviciouscycle.info and gaining knowledge from those who’ve made the same journey will aid in motivating you to hang in there, even when you’re tempted to give up . . . until it's a way of life.

Reward yourself with a special activity

when you’ve accomplished small weight gain goals. 

Scheduling work, prayer, meditation, and play times DAILY

will bring about a positive attitude and positive results!

Kay Stence