Metabolic enzymes are vital in the functioning of the human body and its systems. To better understand the body it is important to understand the vital role that metabolic enzymes play within it.

Metabolic enzymes are a vital component in out body’s ability to replenish cells within our vital organs and aid in the process of other bodily functioning. To research the exact facts about metabolic enzymes is not an easy task. In any search engine if you type the search string “What are metabolic enzymes” you will first have to wade through a plethora of information that has less to do with what they are, and more to do with the pitching of the newest and most effective enzyme supplement.

Before taking any supplement of any kind, it is essential to understand what it is you are trying to enhance, which in this case are metabolic enzymes. First it is imperative to know what enzymes are. There are several different enzymes that work within the human body, there are three categories of enzymes: metabolic, digestive and those found in raw fruits and vegetables. Enzymes function by acting as a catalyst for chemical reactions in the body, making them function in the best possible manner. Different cells require different enzymes in order to function. Enzymes such as those found within the digestive system aid in the break down of food and absorption of nutrients from food.

In the production of metabolic enzymes the pancreas is a vital organ. The pancreas produces many metabolic enzymes which perform a wide variety of functions including the destruction and removal of toxins within the body. Metabolic enzymes also aid in the production of energy and are connected to every working organ within the human body and also aid in the repair of damaged and decaying tissues. Metabolic enzymes help the body in the absorption of oxygen, assisting in the body’s ability to deliver it to the needed organs and cells. Enzymes aid in some of the following functions:

• Purification of the blood.

• Assisting and strengthening of the immune system.

• Aiding the body in the breaking down fats.

• Enzymes aid in the lowering of cholesterol levels and triglyceride levels thus reducing the body’s risk of other health complications.

• Enhance the digestive process.

• Aid in the functioning of the endocrine system and glands and many oher functions.

One vital function of metabolic enzymes is found within the blood. The enzymes present within the blood process the forty-five nutrients that come from digested food and then the body turns those nutrients into cells needed in the production of muscle, nerves, bones, blood, and lung cells. There is not one cell within the human body that does not depend on metabolic enzymes.

Along with age comes a host of other health conditions that are complicated by the ageing process. First and foremost is the body’s ability to replenish itself. This is true with metabolic enzymes. Along with age the body’s supply of enzymes decreases. One clinical study of older individuals found fewer enzymes in the pancreas as well as the cells within the body. To combat this decrease in enzymes many individuals take enzyme supplements. Though many companies would tout their product as the body’s answer to the to the natural decrease in enzymes, it is important to note that no definitive studies have been proven to show that enzyme supplements slows down the natural aging process of the human body.

Natural enzymes can be found in foods such as papaya, avocado, grapes, kiwi, banana, pineapple, mangos, dates, raw honey, bee pollen, extra virgin olive oil, and other unrefined oils and sprouts. Enzymes can also be found in non-processed (cooked) dairy foods and raw fish. Though there are many supplements on the market today which aid in the body’s natural functioning and maintenance of its systems, it is important to note that no supplement can be better than eating a healthy diet, followed by exercise. Because it is easy to overdose or cause a counter reaction to medication you are currently taking, it is wise to consult with either a physician, or a specialist of natural medicine; such as a holistic practitioner or a doctor of naturopathic medicine. Despite the claims of many supplement makers and manufacturers they are not the cure all to imbalances and problems within the human body. A healthy diet and life style will go a long way in preserving your health and your body’s natural resources. Always thoroughly research any supplement and its side effects.




KAY’S NOTE:  I suggest NOT considering enzymes and other supplements until 2-3 months on the SCD or until most symptoms have subsided. You likely won’t need them when you are following and rotating the SCD foods. Not all supplements are SCD compliant/legal; so read your labels carefully if you choose to take them.