With just a little forethought and a couple extra minutes, you can be sure to have healthy food always on hand.


Plan Ahead

Plan your menus ahead of time to avoid last-minute take-outs that can derail your progress.


Shop Healthy

What you bring home is what you're going to eat, so make it healthy and legal. Print out the shopping list on Page 2 and stick to it when you go to the store. A go-to list helps prevent unplanned forays into the ‘junk food’ aisles.


Prepare Snacks Ahead

When you get home from the store, take a few minutes to prepare a few healthy snacks for later. Wash and trim vegetable sticks, portion out trail mix into snack-size baggies and put fruit out in a bowl. Bake an almond flour goodie occasionally to have variety. The next time hunger strikes, you'll be ready with healthy, legal snacks.


Make Recipe Substitutions You Won't Even Notice

To lower calories, opt for lower fat ingredients in recipes: skim or 2% milk for making yogurt instead of whole, and use 24-hour homemade SCD yogurt for mayonnaise, sour cream and in salad dressings. Use ground turkey instead of ground beef. You can also reduce the honey and fat a recipe calls for by one-quarter without affecting the taste or texture of your creation. Use Extra Virgin Olive Oil in place of butter for healthy weight benefits.


Get Cooking!

Limiting restaurant meals is a good way to limit fat, sodium, and calories in your overall diet, and it makes it easier to stick to a healthy eating plan. Rediscover how much fun it is to cook at home by ordering an SCD cookbook from www.lucyskitchen.com or your favorite SCD book source.  Get the whole family involved in cooking healthful SCD meals at home. You will soon learn to adapt your own favorite family recipes to be SCD legal.


SCD adapted from www.prevention.com