The benefits of "organic" foods are largely mythical.

Myth: They are safer.

Reality: The manure and composts used to grow them can be highly toxic--some of the most serious recent outbreaks of food poisoning have been caused by fecal bacteria. And organic foods can be contaminated by handling and processing like any other.

Myth: They are more nutritious.

Reality: Fresh, locally grown foods are most nutritious, organic or not. Organic foods that have been sitting on a shelf are no more nutritious than other foods.

Myth: The label "organic" assures what you get.

Reality: The meaning of the term depends largely on the rules in your state, if any.

One truth: Organic foods cost 20% to 50% more.




Kay’s Tips:  Not all organic produce is the same.


1.    Laws have become tighter dealing with organic foods.

2.    Shop at stores that have fresh organic produce and move it fast.

3.    Shop at your local Farmer’s Markets to get fresher organic produce that will be more nutritious.

4.    It’s always important to wash all fruits and vegetables BEFORE slicing or peeling.