Often we find bottled, packaged or canned foods that list ingredients on the label which appear to be “SCD legal” or safe. No matter how carefully we scrutinize the label, however, we can NEVER BE 100% SURE they contain the exact ingredients listed on that label. We know that almost all canned foods have sugar added to hide the canned taste.  We also know there is a rule that they don’t have to list ingredients if they are 2% or less than the total ingredients. 


Often, when a food company is contacted, they will tell us a food contains only the ingredients listed on the label . . . but we later find out the information was not accurate and that there were additives. If a company puts it in writing, we can be fairly sure the information is accurate . . . but never 100% sure.  And, even if the food is decided to be safe . . . it can change tomorrow.  The manufacturer can change their recipe or processing methods at any time they choose. 


Why be so . . . “fanatical”?  Here are a couple of examples of why:


My 38 year old “macho” son went into the hospital last week with what he thought was a heart attack.  He went in with severe chest pains; and should have done so since his 40 year old brother had a heart attack only four weeks prior.  After a costly ambulance ride and a day and a half of tests, doctors ruled out heart problems and decided it had to be an acid reflux problem; put him on an acid blocker and sent him home.  He has been on the SCD for several years, but was under a lot of stress recently and taking too many food risks.  As I write this article, his wife is making SCD Chicken Soup. J Kudos, Kim!


My 83 year old Mother also took an ambulance ride to the hospital a few months back.  She, too, thought she was having a heart attack.  In her case, the doctor had changed her blood thinner medication to a new one that gave her a gastro reaction and caused her esophagus to spasm. Yes, drugs do give side effects! She decided, should the occasion arise again to add a prescription drug, she doesn’t want to be a Guinea Pig for a NEW drug . . . she will choose one that’s been around a while. Again, the SCD Chicken Soup regimen did wonders for her and she’s rededicated to following the SCD 100%!


Nitroglycerin tablets helped to relieve the pain for my son and my mother.  We’ve learned that nitro will help against a heart attack, angina and also acid reflux or indigestion.  Of course, you never want to risk not going to the hospital hoping it’s only a reflux problem.  I say “only” because we KNOW what to do with acid reflux or GERD: Follow the SCD . . . FANATICALLY . . . and later wean off the medication! J  


To keep others from seeing you as a “fanatic” . . . don’t talk too much and never whine about your illness or predicament.  Focus on how the SCD has healed you and just quietly bring your own food to functions, smile, be happy . . . and enjoy being HEALTHIER than they are!  They WILL notice.





Kay Stence