CELEBRATE THE HOLIDAYS                              

                                 BY EATING SCD SAFE & WELL 

It’s that time of year again, when eating, snacking, and celebrating are on everyone’s mind.  But if you think that healthy eating and holiday celebrations don’t mix, keep reading!  As the holiday season approaches and you’re getting ready to celebrate with co-workers and employees, remember these tips:



Seek balance and moderation in your eating.  Balance = eating a range of foods from each of the SCD groups.  Moderation = don’t overdo it!  With moderation you have the flexibility to enjoy a variety of foods, including holiday favorites.  If you’re lacking self discipline, just remember how you felt the last time you cheated or overindulged!



Don’t go to a holiday party hungry.  Before leaving the house it’s a good idea to eat a small SCD legal snack.  That’s a great way to take the edge off hunger . . . especially if your host isn’t serving the main meal until later in the party.  So before you go to the party, go to your kitchen first for a “legal” snack of almond flour baked goodies, nuts, yogurt, cheese, Tropicana or Welch’s juice or any leftovers from your last meal.

Stocking your fridge with SCD foods will keep you from cheating and keep you feeling great for the holidays.



Eat smaller meals during the day so you can enjoy holiday treats without overdoing your daily calorie intake.  So, instead of having a huge breakfast, a heavy lunch, and an overwhelming holiday feast for dinner, eat light earlier in the day.  At the end of the evening, you’ll be glad you did.


Just because it’s a holiday party doesn’t mean you have to “cheat” or become a “junk food junkie.”  Look around – chances are your host is also offering healthier choices, like fresh fruit, raw vegetables, and cheeses.  Those are the snacks to choose.  Carrying a glass of water or seltzer in your hand will also help you to look as though you are “participating in the festivities.”



If you’re the host, or if you’re bringing a dish to a party, make it “SCD legal.”  That way there will be at least one healthy dish you can eat.  Need ideas?  Check out the recipes in BREAKING THE VICIOUS CYCLE and LUCY’S COOKBOOK or ask Kay for recipes to make healthier versions of your holiday favorites.  And they usually taste just as wonderful!  You don’t have to tell the guests that your dish is “healthy.”  Just let them enjoy your delicious recipe.



Avoid temptation by cooking “SCD legal” foods early and freezing them and by keeping your fridge stocked with healthy, safe choices.  At a party, do your socializing away from the buffet table.  Most people at a holiday party “chat ‘n snack” by socializing at the table.  That makes it very easy to eat the wrong things.  After all, social conversations can be just as lively and interesting in another room.


Does all this mean you can’t have fun at your holiday celebrations?  Of course not!  It’s holiday time and over-indulging just a little (only in SCD legal foods, of course) is part of the festivities.  These guidelines will ensure that you enjoy the holidays to the fullest . . . and not feel guilty (or be sick) when they are over!!!


(Adapted from Dr. Carla’s Health Watch from Sam’s Club magazine)


Kay Stence