The HARD cheeses are made virtually lactose free

during the cheese making process

. . . and are therefore SCD legal.

Processed cheeses are illegal.


Annato is added to the yellow cheeses for color and is SCD legal.


Shredded and bagged commercial cheeses typically have corn starch added to keep them from clumping; but will not be listed on the label . . . therefore it is illegal on the SCD.  So, buy cheese in block form and grate your own to be safe.


Nutritionally, SCD legal hard cheeses such as Parmesan, Cheddar, Colby, Swiss and Brick are good sources of calcium that are equivalent to milk. One and one half ounces of hard cheese is equal to the calcium in one cup of milk.


Cheese can also be substituted for meat at a meal or added to casseroles to increase the protein content. Cheese made from milk contains all the essential amino acids necessary for growth and repair of muscles and internal organs and helps to build healthy bones.


For the weight conscious, it’s important to know that the SCD legal cheeses that are lowest in calories are:  baby Swiss, Farmers (Dry curd cottage cheese) and Parmesan. 


Not all cheese labeled “Farmers Cheese” is legal.  Look for “Friendship Dairies Farmers Cheese” or “Friendship Daries Dry Curd Cottage Cheese” that has no milk solids added.  It will be very dry looking and will literally crumble apart when unwrapped.  If you see liquid in the package, it’s not legal.  Dripped homemade 24-hr. lactose-free yogurt can be substituted for “dry curd cottage cheese” called for in recipes from BREAKING THE VICIOUS CYCLE, LUCY’S COOKBOOK, ETC.


One of the best sources for information on lactose is your product label.  If the ingredient statement contains “milk, milk products, nonfat milk, milk solids or whey”, this means the product will contain lactose.


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