Research shows that breakfast-eaters consume fewer calories at lunch and dinner and are less likely to snack compulsively the rest of the day.  What you have for breakfast matters!


  • Leftovers from lunch or dinner the day before
  • A handful of mixed unsalted raw nuts, seeds, & raisins with a piece of fresh fruit (the whole fruit with fiber is better than juice)
  • Baked custard (recipe in BREAKING THE VICIOUS CYCLE) made from 24-hr. homemade lactose-free yogurt & fresh fruit.  Bake several & freeze.
  • Banana pancakes:                                                                               , homemade turkey or pork sausage or thin pan-fried slice of pork or steak

1 Ripe banana with spots, mashed

1-2 Eggs, beaten                                                                        

Mix & drop on buttered omelet pan or grill & serve with hot honey and cinnamon and/or chopped nuts or berries or sweetened yogurt on top

  • Eggs with homemade almond flour bread, homemade fruit spread
  • Omelets are great!
  • Quiche is wonderful!
  • Homemade fruit muffins or coffee cake from almond flour, & fresh fruit or homemade applesauce
  • Natural almond or cashew butter or a handful of mixed nuts & fruit salad
  • Fruit salad with homemade honey-yogurt dressing and muffin or slice of coffee cake
  • Toasted almond flour bread with honey, & almond or cashew butter & a piece of fruit
  • Pork chop or steak, eggs, & tomato slices, homemade relish or salsa, & slice of almond flour bread (honey-sweetened or non-sweetened)
  • Homemade 24-yogurt (no lactose/sugar) smoothie:                                                   (Balances the intestinal bacterial flora, heals the intestines and optimizes digestion)
    1 Cup yogurt
    1 Banana
    1/2 Cup frozen or fresh fruit of choice
    1/2 t. almond or vanilla extract (I feel safer with alcohol-free)
    Dash of salt (if desired)                                                                                                        
    Optional:  Honey to taste
  • Baked apples with honey, butter, cinnamon, walnuts & raisins
  • Quick hot “cereal-like” pudding (great replacement for malt-o-meal or oatmeal):  Several spoonfuls of almond flour with pat of butter, applesauce, cinnamon, and honey (no cooking necessary) – If you want it warm, zap it in the microwave 30 seconds, stir & eat.
  • Cinnamon Pizelles made from almond flour (in an electric Pizelle Maker) with nuts and seeds sprinkled on top and drizzled lightly with honey.

. . . and water, water, water!


NOTE:  Drinking milk is not permitted on the SCD because of the lactose.  Lactaid or Lactaid Drops are also not legal on the SCD.  Breads and muffins can be made once a week/month in large amounts and frozen, so you don’t have to stay in the kitchen so much.


Lunch & Dinner:


·         Mixed salad greens using legal vegetables of choice (most people don’t eat enough greens – iceberg lettuce which has few nutrients doesn’t count), leftover chicken pieces, almond flour dressing/stuffing or almond flour crackers or bread, fresh fruit salad with yogurt dressing and a handful of your raw nut/seed trail mix

·         Slices of additive-free turkey (un-basted, baked at home is best), hard cheese, cooked or raw veggies, almond flour crackers or bread and a piece of fruit)

·         Leftovers from the night before with raw veggie sticks and fruit

·         Homemade soup with almond flour crackers or fried cheese, fruit or a slice of almond flour nut bread

·         Chicken, turkey, fish, beef, etc. - baked, boiled, broiled or pan fried with a little olive oil, fresh or frozen steamed or lightly cooked vegetables of your choice (eat only soft cooked veggies and fruits until healed and pain and diarrhea are gone)

·         A variety of sliced vegetables stir-fried with cooked chicken or pork pieces, tossed mixed green salad plus orange and yellow veggies, a piece of almond flour nut bread and a piece of fruit

·         Dried white beans (legal after thorough healing) with salad and Kay’s Mock Cornbread (See Recipe page)

·         Tuna or chicken salad made from chopped leftover tuna or chicken, Mama’s Relish, yogurt and honey (or homemade mayonnaise), served on a bed of baby leaf spinach (after healing) and pork skins


 . . . and water, water, water!


Note:  We eat pretty simple most of the time; only cooking special dishes (following recipes) once or twice weekly. This keeps us from getting bored and wanting to cheat.  I always cook “big” and freeze portions and rotate foods so I won’t be in the kitchen all the time.







Kay Stence