Handy gadgets, tools, pans, dishes & appliances make cooking a JOY! 

Put these on your wish list and add one at a time or tell your friends!



*Cutting board or sheets

*Large Chopping Knife

*Small Paring Knife

*Mixing Bowls (2 - with handles & non-skid bottom)

*Measuring Spoons (at least 2 sets)

*Measuring Cups (1 large & 1 small & 1 Pyrex for melting butter)

*Wooden Spoons (4)

*Spatulas (2-3 heat resistant, in different sizes)

*Misto Sprayer (for olive oil or vinegar/oil mix – spray veggies to be steamed, salads, etc. –

     commercial oil sprays contain illegals)

*Timer (if don’t have one on stove)

Small stainless Cookie Scooper/Dropper (measures & drops cookie dough quickly & evenly)

Quick Chop (hand chopper for little jobs)

Whisks (1 large & 1 tiny)

Butter Storer (stick dispenser & measurer in one)

Donvier Cheese Maker (for dripping homemade yogurt to make cream cheese or use in 

     place of DCCC – order from www.donvier.com/products/yogurt_cheeseMaker.html



*Cookware: 1, 2, 5 & 10-qt. pots (aluminum is believed to be unsafe for foods)

*Double Boiler (for easy yogurt making – turn up the heat – no sticking & no stirring


*Stir Fry Pan with Lid (ex. Large so can cook for several meals at once)

*Cookie Sheets (2 large)

*8” x 8” Baking Pan (for baking cakes)

Shallow Baking Pans (2 cake size)

Muffin Pan (for 24)

Veggie Steamer Basket that fits into a large pan (for veggie steaming on top of stove –

     healthier than microwaving)



Pyrex Baking Dishes:

     *Soufflé Dish (for cassaroles)

     *2 Pie Plates (for crustless pies & quiches)

     *8” x 12” Dish (for any baked dish – almond flour cooks most evenly if poured no more

       than 1-1 ½ “deep)



*Electric Yogourmet Yogurt Maker (for making lactose-free yogurt – buy from Lucy’s Kitchen)

*Electric Crockpots (1 lrg. & 1 sm. – almost anything can be cooked in a Crockpot)

*Electric George Foreman Grill (medium or large sizes so can cook a lot at once – love the

     one with removable plates)

*Electric Mixer/beater Wand (only about $12 - mixes smoothies right in your glass – also

     chops small jobs)

*Electric Food Processor (buy a large one if you can – it’s much more versatile – can add


Electric Veggie Steamer (large - great for a crowd)

Pizelle Maker (the cheaper ones work fine to make quick & easy almond flour crunchy/chewy

     cookies, flat bread similar to tortillas and cheesy-like crackers)

Frozen Yogurt-Ice Cream & Sorbet Maker (Cuisinart has 2 freezable buckets – fun for




*Designates most important items to add first

Kay Stence