Thanks to Kae McLaughlin for setting this up!

My doctor's office (Austin Holistic Health) told me about this, and I ate there last night and had their lunch again today. Delicious!

Snap Kitchen - one at the Triangle (45th & Lamar/Guadalupe), the other at 6th & Lamar. They are opening soon in

Please pass on to friends so that we can support this SCD-friendly business.  It's extremely healthy food, and loads of GF and DF options for sensitive/allergy diets.  We can turn this world around to healthy eating with help like this!


At least 2 menu items are SCD-legal.  I was anxious to post these, and will add more as I discover other SCD legal dishes.  Service is OUTSTANDING!!


The Paleolithic Beef and Chicken are both marinated in SCD-legal citrus marinade and are served with:

*Lemon Kale, steamed with real lemon juice, not from concentrate

*Sauteed Mushroom, sauteed in grapeseed oil

*Roasted Carrots, roasted in grapeseed oil with a touch of sea salt and fresh cracked pepper. 


I had the beef for dinner, and the chicken for lunch. Tender, succulent meat.  Lovely vegetables, flavorful with perfect texture. Since I'm not able to eat raw food yet, I was especially delighted with these meals.


Beef: $7.50 for the small; $9.50 for the medium.
Chicken: $9.25 for the large. (plenty for 2, or a really hardy appetite)

I'm hoping to share a muffin or cookie recipe with them, and get that on the menu..  What a treat that would be for us.  Or almond cinnamon biscotti.  Now that'd be a coup.  I may make some tonight and take them over to entice them further into the SCD-world.


The shop also carries the ever-SCD-controversial Kombucha and LaraBars. (I'm in the side that eats/drinks/loves them.)


From their dietician:
We process all of our veggies (peel, chop, etc.) and proteins here in-house so we don't purchase sub-components of recipes that could potentially have additives/fillers. We make everything fresh here at Snap Kitchen so that we can provide you with a quality product.

Andrea Hinsdale, RD, LD :: Snap Kitchen Dietitian
andrea@snapkitchen.com :: (512) 459-9000