After diarrhea has been gone for a month, start with ½ cup of this recipe daily (in addition to meals) and gradually increase to the desired amount for incredible healing power.

You do not have to have a juicer. You can use a blender or processor and a nut milk bag (a fine mesh bag used to squeeze out the juice). Of course, nothing beats fresh, living, raw, organic foods right out of your garden. If you are not fortunate enough to have a garden, your local farmer’s market is the next best source.

If you can't find the following ingredients, substitute something close. It’s crucial to have some berries in the recipe, since they will give your health drink a great taste.


1 container of blackberries  
1 bunch Parsley
2-3 large leaves Kale
3 large carrots
2-3 stalks Celery
2 Pears

Wash the fresh foods and push them through a juicer.

If you’re using a blender or processor, you’ll need to add a little water before processing.  Pour the processed ingredients into a nut milk bag or yogurt dripping bag, and squeeze out the juice.

With both methods, you'll end up with a container of nutritious fresh juice that is concentrated. Mix the concentrate with an equal amount of water. You may also wish to add a little honey or legal saccharine to sweeten a bit.

Drink within five minutes . . . before vitamins and minerals oxidize . . . for a powerful anti-cancer effect through your entire digestive tract.

Health benefits of the fresh living juice

* The blackberries will mask the bitter tastes and improve digestion of the minerals in the vegetables (we need an acidic digestive environment to absorb minerals).

* Parsley is a digestive cleanser; helping to eliminate toxins while providing a burst of chlorophyll to help cleanse your blood and liver.

* Kale is a potent anti-cancer vegetable. It also contains healthy plant-based proteins and healing phytonutrients.

* Carrots are a sweetener here and contain a wide assortment of beneficial nutrients, including beta carotene.

* Pears are also sweeteners. If you want to reduce the natural sugars in this recipe, reduce the number of pears to one, or eliminate them, or use oranges instead.
Oranges will give a more tart taste.

Commercial juices are DEAD pasteurized juices, often made by big soft drink companies. Many have added sugars (even though not listed on the label) and are SCD illegal. In nutritive value, they pale, in comparison to juices that you make at home from fresh, organic, live foods.

SCD adapted from www.NaturalNew.com