A protocol that works well for many people: 


1.  Tylenol Caps – as directed on package for aches, pains, or fever


2.  Antihistamine (We use Walgreen’s brand) to dry the drips (however, drying up the drips often results in a sinus infection - we like NeilMed's Sinus Rinse better). The NeilMeds Sinus Rinse is available at People's Pharmacy on South Lamar in Austin. They probably have it at the north store also . . . suggest calling before you go.  You can mix your own solution:  1/4 t. soda and 1/4 to 1/2 t. salt in warmed water.


3.  Muscinex for congestion (Must drink LOTS of water with this to help it thin the mucus)


4.  2,000-3,000 mg of Vitamin C (Divided into 3-4 doses per day)


5.  3-4 Kyolic Garlic Caps per day until symptoms let up (Should be divided into 3-4 doses per day since it is water soluble and washes through quickly)


6.  Extra rest


7.  Homemade SCD Chicken Soup (As much as you can eat) and whole fruits rather than fruit juices. Drinking a large amount of fruit juices as we've been taught is NOT the way to suppress a cold since you will be getting a huge dose of sugar which suppresses the immune system even further.


8.  LOOOOTS of filtered water


We have completely knocked a sinus infection several times, and shortened the life of a cold, with this protocol.  The secret is beginning this regimen when symptoms first begin.