Restocking your kitchen to contain only “SCD LEGAL FOODS” will make this new "way of life" easy and simple!  And besides, your family needs a healthy diet as much as you!  Clean out the “junk” foods in your frig and pantry and stock up on healthy organic “legal” foods so you won’t be tempted to cheat.  


I gave away bags and bags full of food to people who needed it.   Do this while your family is away so they don't panic, however.  If it’s not SCD legal, don’t buy it or bring it home. If you have plenty of healthy foods on hand, and are willing to cook, you and they will not miss the junk foods after a while. Of course it will take everyone time to adjust. Just keep selling them on the benefits of good, whole foods.


Rather than tell your family you’re changing their foods or “we’re all going on a diet”, just casually tell them you’re trying out some new foods.  Better yet, don’t say anything . . . just start cooking!  The word “diet” sets you up for failing . . . nobody wants to “go on a diet”.  They perceive that as “starvation”!  Besides, this is not a deprivation “diet” as you’ve known before.  We’re talking wonderful whole foods . . . the real thing . . . with plenty of fiber, vitamins and minerals our body needs to be healthy.  Your family members will love the SCD foods, and you all will be getting healthier and feeling better and better!


I cook SCD for the whole family when we have family occasions . . . and they love it!  Ask family members who don’t want to eat with you, to eat their junk somewhere else. If that sounds extreme, you’re right . . . our health is worth extreme measures!  In time your food will look better to them than theirs. 


Be prepared to spend a little more time in the kitchen and a little more money on your grocery bill.  Believe me, it is well worth it!  What you save in doctor bills and medications alone will be worth the extra time and money . . . to say nothing of the stress and drug side effects you’ll eliminate! 

Kay Stence