(Gluten, soy, corn, rice, potato, peanut, sugar, lactose, yeast & preservative free)

Although the following foods are SCD “legal”, some must avoided in the beginning of SCD (see BREAKING THE VICIOUS CYCLE) until the overgrowth of bacteria is under control and the intestines are healed.  Almost all canned foods have added sugar (even though it may not be listed on the label) and are illegal, The healthiest foods are typically found around the edges of grocery stores . . . all fresh or frozen!  Remember that in spite of being called ‘Health Food Stores’, not every food found there is healthy.


Vegetables (See BREAKING THE VICIOUS CYCLE for a list – Organic fresh is always best, frozen is second best – no canned, as most have sugar added, even though it’s not listed)

Fruits (See BREAKING THE VICIOUS CYCLE for a list – Organic and fresh is best, frozen is second best, pineapple canned in own juice with no sugar or additives is okay)

Fresh Meats (No processed, or packaged; additive free – Pasture grazed is always healthier)

Fresh Chicken (Not injected or basted with broth or anything else - Free roaming is healthier)

Eggs (Healthiest are from Free-Roaming Yard chickens)

Fresh Fish (Small fish from deep cold sea waters have less contamination - Farmed fish are unhealthy)

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Cold Pressed is healthiest)                                                                                                                              100% Apple Cider Vinegar (It's a good idea to double check with manufacturer to make sure no sugars are added)                                                                                                                                                                                                Honey Boy Red Salmon (Canned . . . delish right out of the can!)

Canned Tuna (Read label - no broth or additives, packed in water or oil, but not canola, & salt only – fresh small fish from deep sea waters is least contaminated)

Individual Raw Unsalted Nuts (From bins – After you've healed, select a variety of raw unsalted nuts & add raisins, pumpkin and/or sunflower seeds. Most nut/trail mixes contain illegal sugared fruits)

Dried Fruit (From bins - Plain 100% fruit – Be careful – no white sugar coating or sulfur or dextrose or juice or sweetners added)

Honey (As clear as possible to avoid an abundance of pollens)

Dried Beans (Pkg. - White, navy, Lima, lentils, split peas only)

SantaCruz 100% Organic Juices (Not from concentrate)

R.W. Knudsen 100% Juices (Not from concentrate)

Whole Foods Organic 100% Juices (Not from concentrate)

Mountain Sun Organic 100% Juices (Not from concentrate)

Almond Butter (Only the one from RAW nuts – dip from vats)

Cashew Butter (Only the one from RAW nuts – dip from vats)

Frontier Spices (Individual spices – no blends)

The Spice Hunter Spices (Individual spices – no blends)

Kosher Salt (Has no additives)

Frontier Extracts (Bottled – buy the ones that are alcohol-free)

Arm & Hammer Baking Soda (Use in place of baking powder)

Land O Lakes Butter

Eggs – (From Free Roaming Yard chickens are the healthiest)

Whole Milk (Not for drinking but for making your own “true” yogurt w/yogurt maker and Yogourmet

Yogurt Starter.  Only home-made 24 hr. fermented yogurt is lactose-free and is effective in

healing the “gut”.)

Half & Half (No carageenum or other gum stabilizers added – use only for making yogurt – we like equal amounts of whole milk & half & half . . . or all half & half )

Yogourmet freeze dried Yogurt Starter (Sometimes available in a small box in the refrigerated dairy section – introduces the right bacteria for healing and makes the best-tasting homemade yogurt!!!)

Hard Cheeses (Look for Whole Foods brand or ones with no additives):  Blue, brick, brie, cheddar

(Canadian sharp cheddar is our favorite), Colby, edam, gouda, havarti, limburger, Monterey jack,

muenster, parmesan, Roquefort, Romano, Swiss.  Grated cheeses are not legal since they have a

starch anti clumping agent added)




Practically all of the above

Sun Harvest in Austin is very convenient shopping and has quality/organic produce and meats.  It is small, has the basics that we need whereas the bigger stores just have more junk foods.  




All of the above

Zatarain’s Olives

Sliced Roast Beef (No additives or spices – it’s better to bake your own, however)



FROM SAM’S (bulk items):

Canned Salmon & Chicken (with water & salt only – their tuna has additives and is not legal)

Honey’s Worth Honey (80 oz.)

Apple Cider Vinegar (1 gal.)

Whole Pecans & Almonds (the walnuts at Sam's are illegal – have starch coating)

Black Diamond Cheddar Cheese

County Line Cubbed Swiss Cheese

Cabot Sharp Cheddar

Mid-America Farms Butter (Sticks)

Welch’s Grape Juice (one of only 2 approved by Elaine – other concentrates may have sugars added and

be illegal)

Tropicana Orange Juice (Not from concentrate – it’s been checked out and approved by Elaine)

Sun Maid Raisins (32 oz.)

Tones bulk seasonings (Check ingredient labels - not all are legal)

Pork Rinds (18 oz. container - only salt seasoning - located with chips)




Cracklins or Pork Skins (pork skin & salt only – located by cheeses, not by the chips)




Canned Foods - Canned fruits and vegetables are illegal except for canned Salmon, Tuna and Chicken Breast (in water/oil and salt only) and Pineapple (in its own juice).  Canned foods do not have all the nutrition that you get from fresh or frozen foods and are often ‘spiked’ with sugar which does not have to be listed on the label if it’s less than 2% of the total ingredients. 



Always remember:  “If in doubt, leave it out!”


NOTE:  Always check ingredients . . . which change from time to time. All you will miss out on with this way of eating are the empty calorie foods, chemicals, preservatives, and typical allergen foods. 


Everything we want that’s not on this list, I make from 'scratch'.  I find it’s more trouble than it’s worth to keep searching for safe “packaged foods” and being deceived when calling food companies (especially when they can change at any time).  The foods made from 'scratch' digest easier, taste better, are more nutritious, give more energy, stop cravings, and are much safer. Also, we KNOW what we’re eating. We love this way of eating so much, we never even CONSIDER going back!


Seasonings and Flavorings - Single seasonings are usually safest. Avoid the ones that say "powder"; which typically have starch anti-clumping additives.  Be sure to read labels to make sure there is nothing illegal added. The word "spices" can include all sorts of hidden  illegal ingredients. I like Spice Hunter or SpiceIsland, Frontier or McCormick’s seasonings. You can usually find one of these brands at most food stores. There are many new blends of dried herb flakes in bottles with grinder tops that are legal. I prefer Frontier alcohol-free vanilla flavoring. Make sure there are no sugars added.


I shop at about 3 different stores (Sam's, Sun Harvest & H.E.B. - a different one each week) to find all the food items on my grocery list.

Kay Stence