Since this is an anti-fungal/anti-candida diet, it will likely take you about 7-10 days to start feeling good, depending on your condition when you begin the SCD.  If you are withdrawing from sugar, starch and caffeine, do expect some "withdrawal" symptoms.  Keep in mind that as the yeast and bacteria begin to die off in your first week, it's typical to feel achy, irritable, sleepy, light headed or weak. To get through this period as smoothly and quickly as possible, drink 8-10 glasses of water a day and eat something (preferably some protein) every 2-3 hours to until these symptoms pass. You can take activated charcoal, but only for a brief time, to help with gas and indigestion; however it should not be taken with meals or medications as it will interfere with absorption of nutrients.


 Read motivational and uplifting material DAILY and focus on happy, feel good thoughts.  This would be a great time to read that novel or self help book you’ve been wanting to read.  Your self-talk (what you think and say to yourself) will definitely have an impact on how quickly you feel better . . . so say kind things to yourself and cheer yourself on.  Getting extra rest and sleep will also help to pass the time quicker.  It’s most important that you do not cheat, because you will be feeding the bad bugs/bacteria (living organisms) again and then you'll have to go through the die-off stage again.  The way that you'll know that you are progressing and leveling off is when you realize that you are not having cravings anymore and you begin to feel your energy levels surging.  If you "cheat" however, you'll notice your cravings begin again (sometimes not for 2-3 days later) and likely other symptoms. Do make sure you are eating enough, however.

Do make sure you are eating enough, however. If you are wanting to loose weight, don’t focus on that at this time. Eat often and get through this detox stage as comfortable as possible and then you can focus on cutting back portions.

Daily Epsom Salts baths help relieve some symptoms of die off for children and adults. Start with 1 cup of Epsom Salts in waist deep warm water and soak as much of your body as can get under water for at least 20 minutes. If this is tolerated well, go up to two cups of salts per bath. You may also boil slices of ginger root and add the water to your bath for a more soothing bath. Hyperness, irritability and/or whining can indicate that a person is detoxing too fast.

Tell yourself, “This, too, shall pass”, and KNOW that you are feeding and nourishing your body with the best foods available and that you will soon begin to feel better and better and better . . . and have a new lease on life!


Many people over the years have told me that taking 1,000 to 2,000 micrograms of chromium per day have reduced their sugar cravings. Taking a ‘B complex’ in addition to chromium seems to make it work even better. Try taking 1,000 to 2,000 micrograms of chromium daily along with 10 to 25 milligrams of niacin. Supplements, however, should not be taken until healing has occurred and symptoms are gone. Make sure any supplements taken are SCD legal. 






Kay Stence