My son has been seeing a naturopath for over a year now. The first thing she did was an IGG blood test for food sensitivities. He showed highly sensitive to a lot of foods and we took out wheat, gluten, coconut, honey, almonds and pineapple from his diet. After about a year we introduced all sparingly except wheat, gluten and dairy. I see that the SCD includes almonds and coconut and my concern is if he would be able to tolerate them.

Food allergies change periodically for everyone, depending on how much they are eating of certain foods, what environmental/seasonal allergies they have, and also how strong their immune system is.   On the SCD we still recommend rotating foods as much as possible.  The result of following the SCD for a time is a much stronger immune system; so in time he will likely be able to tolerate foods he cannot tolerate now.   At the beginning of SCD, we recommend eliminating any SCD legal foods that he is sensitive to.   Later, WHEN ALL SYMPTOMS ARE GONE, you can try him on one of them at a time to see if they still bother him. However, never reintroduce foods that he has had an anaphylactic reaction to. 

You can substitute other nut flours (very finely ground nuts) and/or nut butters (with no additives) for the almond or coconut flour. 

Does he have to start with the SCD introductory diet which is so limited in foods?  He is a very good eater and I see the introductory diet as very limited. 

The purpose of the introductory diet is to soothe the intestines and let them rest and heal.  It should only be followed up to 3-4 days.  He should include as many of the foods as he can tolerate and then slowly begin adding Stage 2 foods.  Be sure to read my "How To Begin SCDiet (Parts 1, 2, &3)" on this same page of my website to know how to do that . . . or submit the "Questionnaire" there, and I'll be glad to work with you personally.  Every person following SCD is different; so we must "tweak" it to allow for individual allergies/intolerances.  You should never include foods that are not on the "SCD Complete Food List" (farther down on this same website page).  

The beginning foods are what we commonly refer to as "predigested" . . . meaning they digest quickly and move on through the digestive tract, not sitting for a long time waiting to be digested and feeding and multiplying the bad bacteria.  Remember, we are starving out the bad bacteria by depriving them of the foods they thrive on, and replacing them with good bacteria from an SCD legal fermented food and/or SCD legal supplement. See “Making Yogurt & Other Fermented Foods” (farther down on this same website page) for details.