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The chart below is based on the healing that is taking place. It is not based on a timeline. Some people may be able to add new foods more quickly than others.

Homemade, lactose free yogurt is a necessary part of the healing process on the SCD. It can be introduced immediately after the chicken soup phase, following the recipe above. 

If you were not able to tolerate dairy previously, you will want to ferment another food in order to get the good bacteria into the digestive tract (See:  “Making Yogurt And Other Fermented Foods” on Page #2 of this website for more ideas). 

After following the introductory diet above for 2-4 days, begin adding foods in stages as listed below. Remember that foods added too quickly can irritate an inflamed intestinal tract. 


Print out this chart:  SCD FOOD STAGES CHART.


This chart of foods is not all inclusive. See “SCD Complete Food List” on page #2, "SCD Knowledge Base" and "SCD Legal & Illegal Food-Ingredient-Supplement List" on page #3 of this website www.austinscdfriends.com for questions about other foods, ingredients and supplements.