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Dear Kay,

I want to write and thank you and let you know I have been doing SCD, I guess since we were in touch in September.

And this week am seeing a difference.  Have had some healthy stools, yay.

Also, I always had good healthy strong nails.  The past number of years, have had some ridges in nails, and also, no longer have the pretty little moons at nail bases.  This week, I have a small, faint, but real moon on one nail on each hand.  How delightful!  I am delighted.  I also have had some psoriasis, and have been enjoying an Ayurvedic topical remedy for this.  There is little doubt that it is also influenced by SCD, and looking better.  Someone wrote that she noticed similar improvement in psoriasis when she switched from eating a lot of almonds to eating more pecans, on SCD.  I have been making pecan waffles, found in Eat Well, Feel Well, an SCD recipe book in our Library system.  You've likely made same waffles.  They have been my mainstay.  

I somehow missed the chicken soup part, and I think I will go back and do that.  Couldn't hurt.

many thanks,



On Sep 6, 2008, at 10:33 PM, Kay Stence answered (in red):


What is your age? 59

Are you male or female? F

How many people live with you? One. [Actually, I was long single, married almost eight years.]

How did you find my website/me? Referral


What have you been diagnosed with? Have no dx. Had run-of-the mill series of blood tests this season, and all were ok, cholesterol somewhat elevated, tho my Primary says that my 'good' cholesterol is so good, it is ok. It is genetic, common in my family, tho I did grow up eating healthy foods.  In reading over your symptoms, I would 'guess' that docs would give you an "irritable bowel" diagnosis . . . which is to say that your symptoms haven't progressed into ulcerations, yet.  Your symptoms tell me that your digestive system isn't able to break down foods properly and that you are not absorbing nutrients from those foods well.

Do you like to cook? Yes [time is a factor; I do work outside the home.] Also, eating out is a pleasure.  It's great that you like to cook! The only way to truly heal and feel your best is to be in complete control of what goes into your body. When we eat packaged foods or eat out, we really aren't in complete control. On my website you will find shortcuts in cooking and gather ideas that will save you time and energy and make this way of life doable, even though you work. I have mothers of 3 & 4 children who follow this way of eating. So can you with education and a bit of planning. And the rewards are that you will likely feel better than you can remember.

Have you eliminated specific foods from your diet? For how long? I ate no refined sugar for more or less twenty years, no flour part of that time. Had been quite hypoglycemic, and this really helped. Past few years eat some sugar, very little certainly compared to norm.  Great! You saw some benefits from even partially cleaning up your diet. 

Am Gluten Free, for perhaps a year.  That's good; but gluten is only a small part of the problem. Sugars and foods that turn to sugar are the real culprits. They feed and multiply the bad bacteria in the gut which give off waste products (toxins) that irritate the intestinal lining, destroy enzymes and keep you from absorbing nutrients; eventually leading to a weakened immune system that can't fight off infections/diseases, ulcerations, impactions, pain, bleeding, etc. At this point your doc will give you a diagnosis of Celiac, UC, Crohn's, etc. By then your immune system is weakened and perhaps you'll have other diseases as well. Not a pretty picture.

Also totally stopped drinking coffee once I realized it could trigger reflux. I drink very alcohol seldom, few times a month, maximum.

Seldom eat cow dairy.  You're wise to omit those.  The lactase enzyme that digests lactose (milk sugar) is the first enzyme to go when we have intestinal damage.

Now am avoiding things forbidden on SCD list, tho not truly following that diet. Am hoping not to need to.  If you are eating ONLY those foods listed on the SCD Shopping List, you are following the SCD. You will just want to get creative with those foods once in a while so you don't get bored. It is very important to follow the beginning diet for a few days in preparation of those foods, however. You will find beginning info on Page 2 of my website.  Be sure to read all articles on Page 2 and 3.

Do you suffer from weakness, muscle or joint pain, swelling, tingling or numbness? Some aches. then again, mostly sites of old injury. It is kind of circular. Have been fairly strong, however, don't lift things due to neck injury, so feel less strong. Exercise would help, and I'm surprised how little I do exercise.  It's a juggling act to get it all in, isn't it? 

Do you have poor circulation? I think my circulation is ok. My BP is usually low.

Do you itch often? No. I do have some psoriasis. Have been using ayurvedic cream called: Psorayur, and elbow patch much, much better. Other spots not yet resolved. While it is not a terrible case, would love to have it clear.  The SCD will help that I hear; but it will take time and following SCD 100%. 

Do you suffer from headaches, bronchitis, asthma, or allergies? Sinusitus. Headaches are sinus headaches. Here in the beautiful Hudson Valley, lots of allergens. Allergic to cats, but not terribly. And of course, pollens, dust which I suppose, may contribute to fogginess.  SCD will help with allergies, too.  As the inflammation subsides in the gut, your digestion and absorption will improve and your immune system will strengthen and begin to fight for instead of against you. 

Occasionally, a regular headache.  
I used to have horrible migraines. They gradually faded after being on SCD. 

Do you feel worse when exposed to mold, dust, chemicals, or pollutants? I sneeze. I naturally, intuitively leave when sense a chemical smell, such as too much cleaning stuff in a hotel room. Certainly can't stand mold, and avoid it, so I guess I try to avoid feeling bad in these situations by avoiding exposure.  Keep doing that for a while at least. Avoid even the legal SCD foods that give you symptoms for a while and give your immune system a chance to strengthen. After 3-6 months of avoidance, try something (legal of course) that may have caused you symptoms in the past to see if you can handle it okay. You probably won't want to eat it too often even, if you don't react the first time. 

Do you suffer from rashes, athlete's foot, jock itch, or yeast infections? If I overindulge in sweets, will get yeasty [vaginal.] Has been clearing up when I reform my eating. Don't have athletes foot, tho do have on one big toe fungus. Am finally using an anti-fungal, and I think it is clearing.  Yeast infection & fungus are definite symptoms of bacterial overgrowth in the gut. 100% compliance to SCD can change all that. 

Do you feel worse when deprived of sugars and carbohydrates such as potatoes and bread? I certainly miss them. These days, doing no gluten, and trying to avoid grains and potatoes, I wish I knew what to eat.  Print out the SCD Shopping List & carry it when you shop for groceries.  


Had been eating less heavy proteins, thinking they are harder to digest, and I have intuitively preferred not eating too much concentrated protein, so did eat potatoes, sweet potatoes, veggies, salads, fruit and yoghurt, not any specific food plan, except for no gluten, little refined sugar.  Please read Page 2 on my website and begin with the beginning chicken soup regimen. This diet is a science and it works unless your illness is too progressed. Yours is not. You should feel at least 50% better in about 2 weeks . . . if you don't cheat. The object is to starve out the bad and add in the good bacteria. If you cheat, you feed and multiply the bad and have to starve it out all over again. Be sure to read all of Page 2 & 3 to know what to expect and do next.

What foods are you sensitive to? Probably gluten. Also something else, but do not know what. My digestive feedback loop is not immediate. I avoid cow dairy, breathe better without it.  Gluten is a binder that sticks to the intestines and holds/binds sugars there that feed and proliferate the bacteria. Gluten and sugars are the problems. 

Do you suffer from indigestion or acid reflux? Some discomfort, mild, mostly on Left side along ribcage. My digestive symptoms primarily: gassiness, small amt of unpredictable bowel incontinence.  Typical for bacterial overgrowth. However, if you have not been scoped in several years, it would be a good idea to see a GI and let him take a look to rule out any possibility of other complications. In most cases it does no good to discuss diet with your doc. Just rule out other complications and continue on the SCD and let it do it's job.


 I have had reflux, tho not too often, and try to avoid triggering it, eliminating coffee, having chocolate seldom [often has refined sugar], seldom drinking alcohol, becuase my body just doesn't want to, not even one.  Good for you! 

Does your esophagus make "gurgling" sounds? not that I notice.

Do you cough after eating or drinking? Sometimes cough. Haven't associated it with eating/drinking.  The cause can be allergies and/or acid reflux. See if gulping a whole glass of water stops or lessens the coughing when you're having a spell. If so, it's likely reflux. Be sure to read my article on 'How To Wean Off Acid Reflux Medication' on my website and do all those things listed for a while. 

Do you suffer from indigestion, gas, bloating, diarrhea, or constipation? From gas, yes, embarrassingly, and so it seems to me something is not right w my intestines.  Definitely. When your food doesn't digest well, it sits too long in the lower intestine, it putrefies and feeds and multiplies the bacteria and poisons your whole system . . . even to the point that it affects your brain and moods.  


Get some mild discomfort, some bowel incontinence, tiny amounts, however which is very difficult for me. Completely unpredictable. Did see GI do, have had colonoscopy, some years ago, was fine. Had endoscopy also several years ago: had Hiatal hernia, with no esophogeal erosion.  My mom's (82 yrs. old at the time) Hiatal hernia healed and caused no trouble after getting on the SCD. 

How many bowel movements do you have daily? Varies. Used to not give digestion a thought! Now, somedays I have none. Somedays, like most of last week, one that looked healthy.  Should be easily passing 2-3 times per day, every day. They should be medium brown in color, formed, leave no oil floating on top of the water, recognize no food pieces in them, and fall apart when flushed. Those are signs that foods are digesting properly and you are absorbing well. After this occurs for a while, you will start to feel much better.

Are they formed? Not always. Often but not always. Also, sometimes greenish color.  Might be green if you've had leafy green veggies that day or day before. 

Do they pass easily? Sometimes fine, sometimes mucusy, sometimes, unnormally hard/small.  Docs would likely call what you have Irritable Bowel Syndrome or possibly Celiac Disease. Either way, the SCD foods can take care of it.

Which color: Yellow, grey, brown or black? Brown, sometimes brown-black, sometimes a greenish tint.  Black can indicate bleeding somewhere. Suggest having a doc check you if these continue when following SCD. 

Do you have abdominal soreness? Occasionally. Sometimes on the left side, less often, the right.  Recommend doc check you. You don't want to miss anything else that might be happening.

Do you have heart pains or palpitations? Have had periods of palps. Not at the moment. Had a period this Spring/summer, of missing every few beats. was somewhat depleted. Took it easier, took some B vitamins, and it pretty much has resolved [saw primary medical person, who is quite wonderful and open. they did hook me up and do an EKG, I think. She ran it by consulting doc, and both agreed not cause for concern.  Glad you checked. I have them, too at stressful times. They started during menopause. The fact that the B vits helped indicates that you likely are not absorbing nutrients. The B vits are hard to absorb when the intestines are damaged from bacterial overgrowth/yeast/Candida.

Do you have gynecological disorders: PMS; irregular, painful or no menstrual cycles; hot flashes? Had very easy gyn life up till peri-menopause. That lasted over ten years, lots of symptoms, hot flashes, and not my usual moods while still having periods. Began to be cranky and irritable. Menopause about three years ago, periods stopped. Still some hot flashes, still some irritability, tho it is diminishing. Thank G-D!!!  Me, too . . . thank God!  The SCD will even help those symptoms!!! 

For what conditions do you take prescription drugs? I take Sudafed for sinus [not prescription] and Nexium as needed for digestive discomfort, and when I feel the hint of the beginning of reflux. Temporarily, an anti-fungal cream for two spots.  The article above will be a big help to you. The longer you take Nexium or other digestive aids, the more you will need them and then they will finally stop working all together. By that time the gut will be so damaged the SCD might not be able to do it's 'magic'. Start now. 

What supplements and/or medications do you take? Sudafed. Currently, try to remember to take L-Glutamine. Sam-E.  Some people have trouble with L-Glutamine. My brother couldn't take it at all. I recommend stopping all supplements until you get your foods worked out and until your stools get more normal. Right now supplements are likely not being absorbed anyway. If you add supplements back later, make sure to check the ingredients to see if they are all SCD compliant. Many think just a little 'cheat' won't matter when in fact, it usually will. Sometimes the smallest thing can throw the bacterial balance off and make you feel rotten again. After a while when the immune system gets stronger, you likely won't be quite so sensitive.


Do you make the SCD lactose-free yogurt? I did once or twice.  Please make it and eat about a cup per day. It really is the magic key to improving your health. Be sure to follow the instructions on my website for lactose-free yogurt; and not the instructions that come with the yogurt maker you are using. 

What herbs or vitamin supplements do you take? L-Glutamine. Sam-E [200mg]

How often do you wake during the night? When I have hot flashes. Otherwise, as they diminish my sleep is returning to sleeping well. Tho not always awakening refreshed, some morning I do.  You should have less hot flashes when you get the foods right. 

On a scale of 1-10, how do you feel when you wake (1 being great & 10 being awful)? 4  Not too bad . . . but could be much better. Sometimes we don't really know how bad we feel until we start to improve.

Do you feel alert or foggy-brained during the day? Too foggy!!!  This will go! 

Do you have unusual bouts of depression, anger, or irritability? I think so. On the mild side, but could still do without.   Will improve! 

Are you overweight or underweight? My weight is now fine. When I was younger, much younger, I was fat. My weight has been good for dozens of years now, I am very happy to say; I lost about 30% of my body weight. I lost another ten pounds last year when I went Gluten Free.  You might loose a little when adhering to the SCD 100%. If you don't want to loose, read the article on maintaining weight on SCD. 

Have you been diagnosed with autoimmune diseases? Cyto-meglo virus, tho that is seldom active now. It was years before. Psoriasis?

 < Once a person has had a CMV infection, the virus usually lies dormant (or inactive) in the body, but it can be reactivated. The virus is more likely to be reactivated — and cause serious illness — in people who have weakened immune systems due to illness. > http://kidshealth.org/parent/infections/bacterial_viral/cytomegalovirus.html

The object of the SCD is to strengthen the immune system.


 Do your parents or children suffer with digestive/intestinal/bowel problems? Both my mother and I had our gall bladders removed. Mine was couple dozen years ago. [could find date if needed.] I think she had digestive problems, ate lots of cottage cheese and fruit, this was pre-internet!  We typically eat the same diet that caused our parents trouble and/or have a propensity for the same problems they had. A really healthy diet can change that.

When did you last see your doctor for any of these symptoms? In the last year or two, tho have not been to a GI for several years, not sure how helpful they are able to be.  The one thing they CAN do (and we can't) is to take a look inside the intestinal tract to make sure something isn't happening that we don't know about. 

Do you feel "hopeful" of "hopeless" about your health and/or disease? I do think that it will resolve. One my friends with a much longer and worse digestive health history went to the Hoffman Center [and is now on the SCD.] He gave me a copy of his lab tests, and I have done some thinking. I think my primary medical person would be very likely to give me a prescription to have the tests done, and so they may be largely covered by insurance. My physician neighbor told me that one of them probably would not be covered, and may not be available in this area. This would be the Allergen Specific IgG Assay, I believe. I sort of hope that if something is amiss, and it shows up, there would be something to do that would make me feel really healthy. I have thought of myself as healthy and resilient, and am not comfortable with my discomfort!  Aha, the Hoffman Center!  Yes, they've recommended the SCD for a long while.  Since you need the SCD, and to save you some money, you might consider asking your GI to do the colonoscopy only (since you had an endoscopy recently) to see what your colon looks like. If all is fine there, the SCD should be enough to heal your hernia and get you healthy . You can always go to the Hoffman Center if you don't get better . . . but I know you will if you're devout!


Concerning allergy tests . . . our allergies change so I feel these are often a waste of time and money. Once on the SCD (which eliminates many common allergy foods) you will be able to read your body better and figure out which foods on the allowed list might be a problem for you. Then eliminate it for a while until your immune system is stronger and try it again to see if you can handle it.

Do you need help quickly with anything? I guess I am wondering about: going to a regular GI doc. They will want to do an endo/colonoscopy, in all liklihood. The one I saw for colonoscopy some years ago was perfectly fine, well respected, no help for my concern which was occasional, unpredictable, small amount of bowel incontinence. Might go to a different one, just in case he might be more helpful. saw woman GI, no longer in the area, she did endoscopy [at that time I had nausea for months. Turned out to be atypical symptom of Hiatal Hernia.] she told me I had HH, no esophogeal damage, but did not even suggest giving up coffee, chocolate, etc.  Docs are too smart to not know the roll intestinal bacteria plays in health but most won't talk about diet, unless they are naturopaths. Our medical industry is controlled by the pharmaceutical industry and they won't let docs veer from the medical protocol they control . . . which is to give drugs or perform surgery. If docs don't prescribe drugs, they don't make money. Sad but true.


Don't wait until you're so bad they want to start cutting damaged intestines out. Then it might be too late for the SCD to work. I know many people in that situation . . . you DON'T want to be there!


If you will get on the website and read, read, read, you will be amazed at what you learn. It will help you make sense of many illnesses and diseases we know about that are the direct result of processed foods, medications, stress, chemicals & preservatives. Please let me know what you decide and keep me posted on your progress. Feel free to email or call me if you have more questions.

H ugs,