This is a question I hear often. Some people need a diagnosis, or name, for their symptoms and some people don't. Following the SCD and seeing results is enough for many of us.  After all, a gut problem is a gut problem is a gut problem . . . no matter what ‘name’ you give it . . . and overgrowth of bacteria is at the root of all gut problems. So when the SCD works to heal you, I don't really think you have to have a ‘name’.  The thing you do need to be sure of, however, is that you have a GI who has checked your digestive tract to make sure there is no cancer or blockages anywhere. That needs to be done any time there is a change in bowel habits.



You need to know that mainstream Gastroenterologists typically follow the standard medical protocol in treating gut problems and won't suggest following the SCD . . . even when they know about its success rate. They know that if everyone followed it, they would have a LOT LESS business . . . and they would be ostracized by their peers. There are many alternative doctors, however, who are recommending the SCD for healing the body of all sorts of symptoms and illnesses. The most important thing is to find a GI that won’t discourage your following the SCD and will work with you.


Wives, if you are researching for your husband, please know that if your man is like many men, you may have to research for him and 'feed' him a little information at a time.


If you've had a Celiac diagnosis, please understand that the SCD is NATURALLY GLUTEN FREE. Celiacs usually have to 'un-brainwash' themselves to see the big picture when they begin the SCD. If they can do that and FANATICALLY follow the SCD as a brand new beginning . . . getting their focus off of gluten . . . and instead focus on getting the specific carbs (that feed the harmful bacteria) out of their diet and the probiotics (homemade lactose-free yogurt) into their diet, they should see dramatic results . . . perhaps within one to three weeks. If you already know the gluten-free diet is not totally working for you, what have you got to loose by giving the SCD a 100% shot?


The best thing you can do right now is read, read, read and educate yourself. My website is set up to take you step-by-step. Read the tutorial first and follow it closely to get the best results from this life-changing, life-saving way of eating.


Happy Cooking,