A revolution in health care:

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Have you ever thought about making a living by helping others improve their health? There's a revolution happening in public health today, and it involves "health counseling," or teaching people how to make better decisions in food, nutrition and lifestyles that enhance health, prevent degenerative disease, boost cognitive function and greatly improve quality of life (among other benefits).


There's an innovative school that's leading this revolution right now. It's teaching people from all across North America (and Europe, too) how to become nutrition-oriented health counselors, and these graduates are finding new career success in coaching family, friends, clients and even Hollywood celebrities on how to dramatically improve their health results by making informed decisions about food, nutrition and lifestyles.


The school is called the Institute For Integrative Nutrition, and it's based in New York City, where students from all over the world meet for one weekend a month to learn a wealth of information about health transformation, nutritional therapies and how to create a successful, abundant career as a health counselor. When the students aren't in New York City, they're learning via distance classes on the internet and engaging in self-study projects. It's an innovative, empowering learning system that already has thousands of graduates and countless success stories.


If you're interested in learning more about this school, click here to visit the website, or call 212-730-5433, then press 1 from the main menu to speak to an enrollment counselor.


Just reading the rest of this report can save you $500 off the admission fees, by the way. The Institute has extended this discount exclusively to NewsTarget readers due to the synergy between our philosophies and goals on nutrition and public health. See details at the end of this report.


Why I'm excited about this school

I'm genuinely enthused about the Institute for Integrative Nutrition because this school's philosophy about health aligns almost perfectly with what I've been teaching readers over the last few years: disease prevention, healing with foods, superfood nutrients, trusting nature's medicine, empowering the patient, living in harmony with the environment, eating in tune with the seasons, exploring the healing foods of world cultures, and so on.


I've also been on the lookout for some kind of career opportunity for readers who want to shift their careers into natural health, but aren't sure how to make a living from it. For many people, the Institute for Integrative Nutrition may be the perfect answer. It allows you to learn life-changing skills and knowledge that you can share with others while earning a healthy living. The Institute even teaches students how to organize and launch their own health counseling business. So even if you don't consider yourself to be "entrepreneurial," there's a success template that other graduates have already used, with proven know-how that teaches you how to launch your health counseling services in your own city or town.


And here's another interesting tidbit that we haven't publicly announced before: NewsTarget is exploring a way to connect readers with these health counselors. In time, we plan to promote this health counseling service to help solve one of the most common questions I hear from readers, which is, "My doctor doesn't understand nutrition. Who can I talk to instead?"


Until now, we haven't had a good answer for that, but thanks to the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, we may be able to tap into a huge resource of graduates, located in major cities across North America and Europe, who are actively working as health counselors or coaches.


The future of health care

The planning and structure of this system will take some time to work out, of course, but we want to see this system of health coaching succeed. That's because today's model of medicine is broken -- it only waits for people to become diseased, then it offers diagnosis and treatment. That won't keep the population healthy in the long term. For our civilization to have any real future, we need to have a system of medicine based on keeping people healthy through education and empowerment. And that means teaching people how to maintain their health and prevent disease through foods, nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices.


That's the real future of health care, I believe, and the Institute for Integrative Nutrition is pioneering a model of education and knowledge replication that has enormous implications for the future of public health. They're not the only ones doing it, of course -- there are other noteworthy learning institutions having great success in teaching the principles of natural health and nutrition -- but they're certainly one of the best.


It's interesting, by the way, to note that eight years of conventional medical education doesn't even compare with the nutritional knowledge students learn in ten months at this institute. With typical medical schools teaching no more than one clock hour of nutrition in four years of study, it is no exaggeration to say that students learn more about nutrition in one weekend at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition than doctors learn in four years of medical school. (That's my statement, not theirs.) It doesn't mean that doctors aren't capable of learning nutrition -- they certainly are among the smartest people in society -- it's just that conventional medicine doesn't believe there's any value in teaching nutrition. Why bother with healing foods when they have all these drugs to treat people with, anyway?


Doctors even fail to treat digestive disorders with nutrition, believe it or not. Even when poor food choice is clearly causing discomfort or disease in a patient, most doctors still don't consider nutritional therapies to be of any value. They merely prescribe more drugs or surgery and send the patients back home to suffer the long-term consequences.


Nutrition offers a far more effective approach to lasting health. I'm not saying that Institute for Integrative Nutrition students replace doctors, because clearly they do not (doctors are very useful for diagnosing and treating acute medical disorders, among other things), but nutrition counselors fill the gaps that doctors can't -- teaching people how to live healthy day to day in a way that prevents degenerative conditions from becoming acute medical emergencies in the first place.


Remember: even the World Health Organization says that 70 percent of all cancers can be prevented through simple dietary and lifestyle changes (I think the number is actually more like 90 percent), but doctors aren't usually teaching patients how to make those lifestyle changes. It takes a health coach or health counselor to sit down with people and show them how to make better decisions that positively impact their health outcome.


So check out the Institute for Integrative Nutrition if you're interested in being part of this revolution in medicine and health. I believe this kind of education and coaching represents the future of public health, and those who choose to be part of it will experience tremendous abundance and personal satisfaction.


Save $500 off admission

As always, we're on the lookout for ways to save our readers time and money. In this case, the Institute for Integrative Nutrition has extended an exclusive $500 discount to NewsTarget readers. Simply mention "the Health Ranger" when you talk to a school advisor, and you'll instantly save $500. Call 212-730-5433 to get started, or click here to visit their website to learn more.


Note: We earn nothing from this, of course. The Institute has not paid us to publicize their program, nor do we earn any commissions on student admission fees. We do, however, wholly support the success of this school and its students. It's a blessing for us all that such an organization exists and continues to prosper, and I want to help it succeed even more!

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To your health,
- Mike Adams
Consumer health advocate


P.S. Remember to mention, "The Health Ranger" to save $500 off admission fees. Call 212-730-5433 to get started and press 1 to speak to an enrollment counselor.