You’re not lazy, you’re not a glutton—and you can cure the real cause instantly. Just say “no” to the make-you-fat “drug” they’re sneaking into your food!

When you and I were in grade school, there might have been one heavy kid in our class. But now there might be only one kid who’s not overweight. WHY?

*       A new study just concluded that 9 out of 10 adult men (and 7 in 10 women) will become overweight before they die. Even if you’re fit and trim now, watch out—you’re doomed to balloon. WHY?

*       Biting into a supersized burger makes you hungrier than before, even though it technically fills your belly. You can’t help yourself. Suddenly, you’re overcome with cravings. WHY?

Sure, some people lack self-control and need more exercise. But mere gluttony and laziness just can’t explain this raging pandemic. It’s destroying an entire generation of our kids, many of whom already have “adult” diabetes. And if we don’t nail the secret culprit, someday it’s probably going to kill YOU.

How do I know? Just ask. As I write this, one of the big drug giants is spending $325 million to build one of the biggest factories ever devoted to making a single drug—INSULIN. This isn’t some wild bet. They see the writing on the wall.

What’s going on? It was almost the perfect crime. Most people aren’t even aware that the murderer exists!

HINT: It’s not fat, it’s not carbs
and it’s not refined sugar…

It’s an addictive “designer chemical” that’s killed more people than heroin. And it’s silently being added to hundreds of best-selling foods—so much, that the average American swallows 56 pounds of it a year.

Not refined sugar! The ordinary sugar that used to be in these foods has increasingly been replaced by…

High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS)

Now I realize you may have been told that fructose is “natural” and “healthier” than refined sugar (sucrose). But HFCS is neither. It’s a killer in “natural” disguise. Let me lay my evidence on the table—you be the jury.

*       FACT: HFCS is not a natural product. It’s manufactured from corn starch by a process worthy of Rube Goldberg. Picture vats of murky fermenting liquid, fungus, genetically modified enzymes, ion exchange and lots more chemical tweaking, all taking place in one of 16 chemical plants located in the Corn Belt.

*       FACT: It operates exactly like an “anti-diet pill,” raising your levels of the very same make-you-fat hormones that diet pills are engineered to block. More specifically…

*       FACT. It makes your body ravenous. Unlike table sugar, HFCS doesn’t trigger the release of leptin, the substance that makes you feel full and stop eating. Worse still, it doesn’t suppress the release of ghrelin, the substance that makes you hungry. That’s why you can’t help wanting another big burger and giant fries!

*       FACT. Department of Agriculture data directly links HFCS to skyrocketing diabetes and obesity. HFCS first entered our food supply back in the Nixon administration. Between 1970 and 1990, our intake increased by a staggering 1,000%. There’s simply no other food or food group whose intake has increased so fast.


Health Food

HFCS per serving

Berkeley Farms Low-Fat Yogurt with Fruit

1½ teasoons

Mott’s Applesauce

5 teaspoons

Slim-Fast Chocolate Cookie Dough Meal Bar

5 teaspoons


Hanson’s Super Vita Orange-Carrot Smoothie

10 teaspoons

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Conspiracy? Not originally. The food industry started using HFCS because it’s much cheaper than regular sugar. Only later did researchers find it makes you uncontrollably hungry.

But there’s a big-time cover-up! As I write this, they’re even launching a PR campaign just to deny the facts detailed above. Understandably—because HFCS is helping them sell billions of dollars worth of food you’d never crave otherwise.

And the great news is that avoiding this chemical could be the only “diet pill” you ever need. If you want to cure the cravings that cause obesity and diabetes overnight…

Starting tomorrow, just say no to HFCS. You may be amazed how quickly your weight and blood sugar problems improve. I’ll provide full details about what HFCS does, a long list of foods that contain it—and how to reverse the damage it may already have done—in a FREE REPORT, entitled OBESITY & DIABETES: The Astonishing Overnight Cure. Plus, if you’d like to lose weight even more easily, I’ll also show you how to…




(Kay’s Note:  Don’t take this article alone as truth . . . do your own research.)