·       Lionel Mar 9th, 2006 at 10:35 pm

My mom died of esophageal cancer at 61. Smoker and drinker. It’s what Humphrey Bogart died of, as well. There is a definite genetic component to some cases, though- mom’s grandmother, (my great-grandmother) a non-drinking non-smoker, also died of it. Not that it matters how she got it– it’s an absolutely horrible way to die. (My mom was 40 pounds at the time of her death, two years after diagnosis) I hope that they got it all– Gov. Richards (whom my mom loved after her “silver spoon” speech at the 1988 Dem Convention, incidentally) is a neat lady, a fine Texas liberal, one of the funniest and most human politicians I’ve ever heard speak, and doesn’t deserve this at all. My best thoughts are with her and her family.

·        phyllis benedetto Mar 13th, 2006 at 2:25 pm

my thoughts and prayers for a great lady.
my cousin just died at 49 of esophageal cancer.
he had good quality of life until the last three months of a two year span from symptoms.
everybody, especially those people with acid reflux, should have an endoscopy linked on to their colonoscopy.

·        Elaine Todd Koren May 2nd, 2006 at 7:55 am

Ann Richards took Evista a drug used for treating osteoporosis–
This drug and the new one, Boniva may affect the esophagus. I wonder if this drug had any bearing on her cancer. For the millions of women taking these drugs I hope not. I
am very saddened by her illness She is a wonderful inspiration to women everywhere..

Ann, I’m a three year survivor of stage 4 esophageal cancer. 6 months of chemo radiation, esophageal resection surgery, neck surgery followed by radiation. I’m still enjoying life, not ever going to give up. Hang in there.

My Mom has stage 4 esophageal cancer with her 3rd recurance? Does any one have an answer or a next step? Don’t know what to do next! We don’t want to lose her. thanks if you can help

Just wondered if anyone knew which type of esophageal cancer Ann Richards had. I know there are 2, one is squamous cell carcinoma and I forgot the other one, but it starts with an “A”. Also, does anyone know what stage she was at when diagnosed and what treatment she received. I’m very interested because my father who is and always has been a non-smoker, non-drinker was diagnosed last month at stage 3. He has always had reflux but apparently has sqamous cell, the type the drinkers and smokers get. Thanks for any info and would love to hear survivor stories.

An entire generation of women will carry on her legacy. My dad is dying of esophogeal cancer as we speak, he is 59. I know that she suffered and I pray for her family. The agonoy of watching them die of this kiiler of a cancer is so horrible. I am going to start trying to find a cure for this deadly disease.

She was taking strong pills to fight her oesteoporosis. Can somebody know wich one? these pills are usually hard for the esophagus.

I’m so sorry about Ms. Richards’ untimely death. I wonder if she was screened for celiac disease? My grandmother died (non-smoker, non-drinker, but spent time with lots of smokers/2nd hand smoke) of esophageal cancer. I have celiac disease and reflux, and now dry cough. I’ve never been a smoker, nor drinker-ever (though grew up in 2 smoker home-grrrr). Celiac disease is a disease of malabsorption caused by eating gluten (wheat, rye, barley and some oats); if you don’t get nutrients to your cells, it causes all sorts of autoimmune havoc (I’m hypothyroid and osteopenic). It’s hereditary. You might test negative for the disease itself, but still be “gluten sensitive”. CD is also linked to: eczema, psoriasis, Lupus, MS, IBS, iron deficiency, depression and anxiety, alcoholism, ADD, autism, Hep C, liver, kidney and pancreatic diseases, epilepsy, asthma and GI cancers and/or non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. This disease is hereditary and so is our link to eating grain. 1 in 133 have it, only 1 in 4,700 have been diagnosed. It’s seriously underdiagnosed. October is CD awareness month. I’m 45, my lifelong nagging depression is gone - still working on the reflux and weight loss. (Most docs think you have to be rail thin to have this disease - I’m obese - I meet people of all shapes and sizes at our local support group meetings. No stereotypes here!)

I loved Ann Richards - long ago, in my secret heart of hearts, I had hopes of her becoming our first female president.

My 77-year-old dad, too, is battling esophageal cancer. So far he’s been luckier that Ann - he’s been fighting it for a year, and making some progress. It is a horrible disease - people in the EC community call it ‘The Beast’ - but hopefully this heightened awareness of EC will lead to more people paying attention to such factors as acid reflux (GERD) and be able to catch it earlier where there’s a better chance for recovery.

The news of esophageal cancer came for me on February 28, 2006 most likely within weeks if not days of Anns notification. I was lucky, mine was a very early stage and they removed my esophagus on March 22, 2006.

My heart goes out to Anns family on a day which I feel both very sad and at the same time very lucky. I will think of Ann for the rest of my days.

Excerpts taken from blog site:  http://pandagon.net/2006/03/09/ann-richards-has-cancer/   


(Kay’s Note:  Are the risks of Acid Reflux disease really worth it?)