Citizens for Health Urges the FDA to Fulfill its Responsibility

and Review its Approval of Splenda

Tell the FDA they can't ignore over 18,000 informed consumers! DEMAND THE TRUTH NOW!

Some background:

Citizens for Health held a press conference at the National Press Club on April 3rd at which we announced the filing of our Citizen Petition with the FDA (Docket No. 2006P-0158) calling on the Agency to revoke its approval of sucralose (Splenda) based on safety concerns.

The response to our Citizen Petition has been tremendous:

  • Over 18,000 letters have been sent to the FDA and to members of Congress calling on the FDA to review its approval of the synthetic chemical substance, sucralose, due to health concerns, and to immediately schedule a Public Hearing.
  • The pressure on the FDA is increasing as Citizens for Health supporters continue sending letters and emails and making their voices heard!

In addition, on July 26th Citizens for Health Board Chair Jim Turner made an appearance on Week in Review, a weekly television show about public affairs issues facing Californians. Jim and John Grauerholz discussed the potential dangers of consuming sucralose and called attention to our Citizen Petition, bringing news of this important issue to thousands of concerned citizens in California. You can see Jim in action through a podcast available here.

However, even after such a strong public outcry, the FDA has yet to act or to post any of your comments on its website.

Stand up with Citizens for Health and against an FDA whose inaction continues to put millions of consumers at risk from the consumption of a barely-tested synthetic sweetener. TAKE ACTION NOW!

Please tune in to support Jim and Citizens for Health!

For more information about Week in Review, you can go to their website at: Week in Review

Here are the facts you will want to tell the FDA (or you may use the form letter provided through the link above):
*FDA, your review of sucralose was not rigorous and the Agency’s approval of this synthetic sweetener should be revoked.
*FDA, you have no truly reliable way to track adverse health events related to Splenda.
*FDA, you should ask the Inspector General of the Department of Health and Human Services to launch an investigation into your own approval of sucralose.
*FDA, the science provided to your Agency revealed several serious concerns about the product.
*Splenda’s advertising slogan “Made from sugar, so it tastes like sugar” has led consumers into believing sucralose is natural.
*FDA, you should initiate a full-scale public-health investigation in and around McIntosh, Alabama, where Splenda is manufactured.
*FDA, you should order the marketers of Splenda to immediately remove the “Suitable for people with diabetes” slogan from its packaging and marketing materials.
*FDA, you should also order that all sucralose- and Splenda-containing products bear a galactosemia warning.

Have you, or has someone you know, experienced negative health effects from the use of Splenda? If so, we need to hear from you. Please email us at info@citizens.org.

We also strongly urge you to report any adverse events, including the one you experienced, to the FDA via their MedWatch reporting system. Go to MedWatch now to make your voice heard!

The FDA made a huge mistake when they approved Aspartame, and it has taken fifteen years for consumers to learn the truth - we can't allow them to make the same mistake again!


Thanks for taking action,

The Citizens for Health Team