DIGESTION is the best kept secret to achieving good health.

Over the years, the SCD has been proven successful for all digestive/intestinal/colon/bowel problems . . . plus the many illnesses stemming from malabsorbtion of nutrients. We’ve learned that a damaged gut is a damaged gut and it really doesn't matter what name we call it . . . all damage is caused or exacerbated  by the same thing:  Candida/bacterial/yeast/microbial overgrowth.  Different symptoms and degrees of damage determine the name your doctor gives your problem/disease.

A note particularly to the Celiacs reading this:

The national Celiac organizations keep trying to convience us that GLUTEN is the culprit in Celiac Disease. According to Dr. Fine in Dallas, there are many other foods and factors besides GLUTEN that can blunt/damage the intestinal Villi, destroying digestive enzymes and causing malabsorbtion of nutrients.  Elaine Gottschall's research proved that DOUBLE SUGARS/disaccharides and STARCH/polysaccarides sit in damaged intestines (waiting to be absorbed) and feed the microbes that produce toxins (damaging the Villi even more) CAUSING gluten intolerance and many other intolerances and other digestive/intestinal/colon/bowel diseases.

Through her research, Mrs. Gottschall learned why the foods that Dr. Sidney Haas put his patients on in the 40s worked so well to heal them. She learned that the SCD foods digest quickly and easily and move quickly through the digestive tract, not lingering to feed and overpopulate the unhealthy bacteria . . . just basic biology. The SCD has been addressing this issue and healing people of Celiac and other diseases for years. Mrs. Gottschall found in her research that all kinds of microbes rode piggyback in the digestive tracts of those with any kind of digestive/intestinal/bowel problem. Bottom line:  Celiacs can’t get completely well on just the gluten-free diet . . . it only addresses a small part of the problem.

I'm not a scientist, chemist or biologist; and I don't know a lot about chemistry, antibodies, etc.; but it seems to me that researchers are missing something really too simple here:  When foods don't digest quickly and move out of the digestive tract, they sit and ferment and feed and multiply the unhealthy bacteria that produce toxins which damage the Villi and destroy digestive enzymes. When enzymes are missing, our body can't break down foods and absorb nutrients from those foods, and our immune system weakens and malfunctions . . . which leads to a number of allergies, intolerances, imbalances and auto-immune diseases.

When the balance of good bacteria is restored in the digestive tract, the gut can heal, digestive enzymes can return, we begin to absorb nutrients, and the immune system begins to repair. The length of time it takes to heal and the degree of healing that occurs depends on how much damage has been done. Isn’t this just too simple?

The same biological principle works in our pond in the back yard, too. As long as the right bacteria are present, balance is present; the water is clear and the plants and fish thrive. Out of balance . . . algae and bacteria multiply, water becomes stagnant, fish get sick and plants suffer. It's simple biology. In order for people to heal, they must establish a healthy balance of microflora in the intestinal tract . . . that is the purpose of the SCD.

The SCD has been passed on to thousands with a variety of health problems/diseases . . . and they are healing. Seeing is believing! I've seen firsthand how "7" of my closest family members and many others I know personally (WHO'VE BEEN WILLING TO FOLLOW THE SCDiet 100% - THAT'S THE SECRET) have healed from a multitude of ailments/symptoms and have even been able to eliminate many, sometimes all, medications since 2000.

I found the SCD in 2000 and one-by-one my family members have followed it since. Eating the SCD way has healed my husband, diagnosed with Crohn's; my 83 year old mother with a 40-year history of Acid Reflux Disease, Diverticulitis, hiatal hernia, & bleeding ulcer; my brother with IBS & Celiac D.; another brother with IBS; my two sons with Celiac D.; me with Celiac D., Fibromyalgia, Acid Reflux Disease (GERD), & Asthma symptoms; and a multitude of friends & acquaintances that I've worked with all over the world with everything from Acid Reflux and Fibromyalgia to various intestinal disorders and diseases.  We are now healthier and feel better than we have in most of our lives! And (the Celiacs will love this) . . . we never have to worry or frantically search for safe, gluten-free foods since all SCD foods are fresh and whole.

I hear stories over and over and over again of how people don't heal from the gluten-free diet and I wonder why they are so resistant to trying the SCD, when we see it healing people from, not only Celiac Disease, but all sorts of ailments every day. The proof is in the pudding, as the saying goes. Since 2000 I've worked with hundreds of Celiacs who typically get somewhat better when they get off gluten, but become worse again over time. Many stay unhealthy on a GF diet because they indulge in gluten-free foods which are loaded with sugar, starch, gums, yeast and preservatives that nourish the microbes and furnish little to no nutrients to rebuild the immune system. Many think they are eating healthy, but just don't know which foods to avoid that feed and proliferate the bacteria. They have no idea how good their lives could be if they were totally healed and absorbing as they should. They need to know about the SCD.

The information received from nationally supported groups is not the whole story. We are fed only the information the pharmaceutical companies want us to know. Just as taking dangerous drugs do not cure Crohn’s or Acid Reflux, etc. . . . avoiding gluten CANNOT get Celiacs COMPLETELY well. Unless people learn the real truth . . . that Acid Reflux Disease, Celiac Disease, Crohn's, UC, Diverticulitis and other digestive/intestinal disorders and diseases are CAUSED and/or EXACERBATED by yeast/Candida/bacterial overgrowth, they will never COMPLETELY heal or begin to absorb nutrients normally or strengthen their immune system.

Gluten intolerance/sensitivity, lactose intolerance, acid reflux, allergies, diarrhea, constipation, brain fog, intestinal pain, bloating, joint pain, swelling, itching, etc. (that most of us experienced) are ALL symptoms of intestinal Yeast/Candida/unfriendly bacterial overgrowth and their toxins which damage the intestines, resulting in Leaky Gut Syndrome, which leads to the systemic poisoning of our whole body causing a multitude of symptoms and diseases. The bottom line: LGS MUST BE ADDRESSED IN ORDER TO GET WELL.

Since the immune system of those with intestinal problems have been compromised from years of malabsorbing nutrients, it only makes good sense to focus on the best nutrition: organic foods, pastured antibiotic-free dairy, meats, chicken, eggs, etc. It breaks my heart to see all the junk foods advertised on the Celiac lists and at the Celiac Support Group meetings. It leads people to believe they can eat “junk food” and get well. Those high glycemic foods are only nourishing the unhealthy intestinal microbes which damage the intestinal mucosa and keep people from absorbing beneficial nutrients . . . thus making people sicker over time.

Just think how many related businesses/organizations would be obsolete if the candida/yeast-free SCD were promoted.  There would be no need for Celiac, Crohn’s, etc. organizations or GF food vendors promoting junk fast-foods. The food and pharmaceutical industries are depending on the ignorance and laziness of Americans to pad their pockets. When we buy their junk foods and 'magic pills' we are staying unhealthy and buying into their game. They are the power and money behind the Celiac and other national organizations, and will likely never allow mainstream doctors or organizations to teach the biological basics of good health and digestion because too many people would get well.


The pharmaceutical industry goes to great lengths to keep doctors from teaching nutrition because they would loose billions if people healed themselves and didn't need their billion $$$ drugs. Believe me, when they spend $800 million to $2 billion developing one new drug, they are going to find a way or make a way to move that drug and recoup their money!


If mainstream doctors spread the news that Candida/yeast/bacteria is the cause of disease, they would have to teach nutrition . . . and they are not schooled in nutrition . . . and likely never will be because the pharmaceutical industry is not going to allow it.  In addition to that, if their patients got well, their business would suffer and they would be ostracized by their peers or labeled “Alternative”. Sad but true . . . It’s all about big business and money.

The one positive thing you CAN do, is to take charge of your own health and that of your family . . . and pass the word about BREAKING THE VICIOUS CYCLE. Go to www.austinscdfriends.com and learn about the research THAT'S ALREAD BEEN DONE by Elaine Gottschall on the relationship of intestinal bacteria and foods . . . and learn how to get completely well. Our country is in a health crisis; and like so many other SCDers around the world, I will continue to tout the SCD and help people become healthier. It is my goal to help you make the SCD as balanced, healthy, and simple to follow as possible in order to heal from a multitude of problems/illnesses. 

I have nothing to gain from you learning from my website and following the SCD. You, on the other hand, have a huge chance of keeping or re-gaining your health. What have you got to lose by trying it a month to see if you begin to see and feel a difference?

If you need my help and guidance in tayloring the SCD to your specific needs, troubleshooting, learning to balance nutrients or cook, please contact me.

Kay Stence, CHHC, AADP

IBD – GF – SCD Digestive Health Consultant




"The SCD is saving lives."