The following article sheds insight on how our grains have changed over the years to become less than nutritious.  Many of us have damaged our digestive and immune systems over the years . . . yet, we thought we were eating the right thing . . . lots of grains.  Now many of us are learning that we must eliminate grains from our diets in order to become healthy again. 

The bottom line:  Today’s grain flours are processed with chemicals where most of the vitamins and minerals have been destroyed.  Then they’ve been “enriched” with artificial vitamins and minerals in an attempt to replace the healthy benefits. Just about the only benefit left is the fiber . . . which can be obtained by eating more nutritious fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. In the last few years, most seeds for grains have been genetically modified (research GMO Foods) so they can be grown faster and cheaper and have a longer shelf life when processed.  Grains/flours have changed, human digestive systems have not.  Many health experts believe the two are no longer compatible.  And here’s a thought:  Flour and water make glue!  Do we really want that in our digestive tracts???

Many who have followed the Government’s (previous) Food Pyramid of eating 10-12 servings of grain per day have given up on being healthy.  Aside from the fact that grains today are not the same as our ancestors had, eating 10-12 servings of grains leaves little room in the tummy (unless we overeat!) for vegetables and fruits that give us most of our vitamins and minerals.  Why do they recommend 10-12 servings?  Blame the grain industry!

Not only do grains not digest the same or have the same nutritional benefits of years ago, they are little but carbohydrate/sugar “fillers” after ingestion.  Sugar/carbohydrates have become the “drug of choice” for most people in our fast-food world.  Carbohydrate/sugar addiction is one of the most common addictions and is destroying healthy lives!  And we wonder why there is so much obesity today???  It’s the sugar and carbs we need to fear . . . not the fat!  Sugar, also being the strong immune suppressant that it is, leaves no question as to why there is so much illness.  If you want to get more from life and live longer, eat healthy!!!       

                             “. . . . wheat flour contains two proteins, glutenin and gliadin, which, when combined with water, form gluten.  As you knead the dough, the gluten becomes more and more stretchy. This gum-like substance fills with thousands of gas bubbles as the yeast goes to work during rising.

To learn more about gluten, check out the gluten animation.

Starch, a carbohydrate that makes up about 70% of flour by weight, also gets in on the act. When starch granules are attacked by enzymes present in flour, they release the sugars that yeast feeds on. Starch also reinforces gluten and absorbs water during baking, helping the gluten to contain the pockets of gas produced by the yeast.

Sometimes, a baker will let the dough rise several times, allowing the gluten to develop more completely and the yeast to add more of its flavors. When the dough is finally cooked—either in an oven, over a fire, or in a steamer, depending on what kind of bread you’re baking—the yeast inside it continues feeding, and the pockets of gas in the dough continue to expand. As the temperature of the cooking dough rises, the yeast eventually dies, the gluten hardens, and the dough solidifies. Et voilà! Bread! 

For more about bread science, check out these links!”



Bread Clay Recipe:

1. Mix water and salt with wooden spoon in bowl
2. Add flour and stir
3. Knead
4. Model and explore dough
5. Bake at 225 or 250 degrees for 4 to 6 hours to harden

We know that our intestines have been damaged by bacterial overgrowth and the toxins they produce. We also know that flour and water together, make paste.  Do we really want paste/clay coating our intestines, attracting and holding sugars/carbs to ferment, feed and increase the unhealthy bacteria there? Then throw in gum stabilizers (used in virtually all packaged/bottled foods) to further “gum up the works”, and we have a recipe for more damage to the intestines, missing digestive enzymes, malabsorbtion of nutrients and a weakened immune system.)