If you have been reading my newsletter for even a short while, you likely know I am NOT an advocate of most nutritional supplements. In my clinic for the past three decades I have encouraged my patients to greatly minimize their use of supplements that they were self-administering and switch more to far more effective food-based nutrition.


Yes, there are certain supplements that are worthwhile to some people who have specific health challenges or deficiencies, BUT there are only two supplements I urge virtually everyone to take. One is Antartic Pure Krill Oil, which provides you the highest levels of omega-3 with DHA and EPA fats that most people are lacking. The other is a high-quality probiotic, which essentially translates to "good bacteria" -- and which almost everyone is so dangerously deficient in that it is easily one of the leading causes of severely weakened immune systems ... and therefore disease.


This is crucial for you to know, and I cannot make it any clearer than this:

Good health begins in your gut, where there is supposed to be trillions of good bacteria to help build and protect your health. But virtually everyone -- due to contemporary lifestyles including a history of processed foods, processed supplements, antibiotics and other drugs, improper sleep, and much more -- have wiped away many of these good bacteria, leaving them with dangerously depleted defenses against disease.


For most people, it really is like they should have an army inside their gut defending against bad bacteria, viruses, and other invaders, BUT they've killed off most of their troops leaving only a meager few soldiers to do the work off an entire army!


You can of course guess the solution -- you need to replenish the "army" of good bacteria in your gut, and keep it replenished.


………………..it is important to delve just a little deeper into why a high-quality probiotic is SO essential to your immune system and general health:


Probiotics are health-enhancing bacteria that replenish the microflora in your intestinal track, helping your body to digest and absorb food, as well as fight off many different illnesses and disease.


While it is only starting to receive its due attention by Western medical professionals, the health benefits of probiotics have been known for at least 100 years. Studies have shown that probiotics are effective for the control of:

  • Inflammatory bowel disease
  • Vaginal yeast infections
  • Food and skin allergies in children
  • Premature labor in pregnant women
  • Recurrent ear and bladder infections
  • Chronic diarrhea ... and more!

Of course, as I mentioned, they are essential to protect your immune system overall. If you are successfully able to change your diet so you are truly eating properly day in and day out, the need for probiotics decreases as it is somewhat similar to planting a garden. If you have plenty of healthy plants there is no room for the weeds to grow.


……………If you are still wondering why I feel so strongly about probiotics then please consider this -- some scientists estimate from 6 to 60 trillion actual bacteria may exist in your gut -- that's 3 to 4 pounds of bacteria -- with more than 400 different kinds of bacteria living in your gastro-intestinal tract.


In light of this fact, it's certainly not a stretch to attribute an abundance of bad bacteria in your gut to the reason why you may be feeling ill. Some experts even believe this may be one of the main physical reasons why people come down with many chronic illnesses in the first place!


Now consider one more staggering fact: the typical American consumes as many 175 pounds of sugar per year! When you make poor food choices that include sugars, grains, artificial sweeteners and other chemical toxins -- not to mention consuming processed supplements and drugs like antibiotics in your life -- you feed the "bad" bacteria, which are more likely to cause disease, rather than promoting the "good" bacteria that help protect you from disease.


…………One Belgian study found that one-third of probiotic products tested, including the widely trusted and popular acidophilus, did not provide any of the promised benefits!


…………Total health begins in your gut, so if your GI tract is not in optimal health, then your overall health will be compromised. When it comes to your health, the proactive approach is always the way to go.

Chronic and degenerative diseases, many of which haven't been heard before are increasing at alarming rates in America, and we'd be foolish not to question the most obvious reason for this -- our diets.


Your GI tract ideally contains 85% good bacteria and just 15% bad bacteria. Unfortunately, most of us in the western world have eaten foods and taken supplements and drugs that cause this ratio to actually reverse!


If Americans were eating truly healthy diets it would generally be possible to maintain a healthy bacterial balance in the gut without the use of probiotics.


However, as I mentioned above, most diets are so dependent on sugars and grains that nearly everyone can benefit from probiotics. Here is just a partial list of symptoms that can often result from an imbalance of bacteria in the intestinal tract:

  • Gas, Bloating and Indigestion
  • IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)
  • Diarrhea and/or Constipation
  • Skin problems such as Acne, Eczema & Psoriasis
  • Bad Breath and Body Odor
  • Delayed development in children
  • Candida Yeast Infections
  • High Cholesterol Levels
  • Chronic Fatigue & Fibromyalgia
  • Frequent Colds and Flu

Let's face it; few, if any of us, can honestly say that we have perfect diets. And just like your lawn, it is wise to "reseed" areas that have become barren for one reason or another.


……………..I have seen this work so consistently that I advise all my patients traveling overseas to make sure they take a bottle with them when they travel overseas. I can assure you it is always in my shaving kit when I travel overseas.


If You Are Taking Antibiotics Without Probiotics, You Are Taking Unnecessary Risks

Here's a classic "catch-22:"


Your doctor prescribes an antibiotic for you to take when you are sick, when your immune system is weakened. However, the antibiotics you get from your pharmacy are, for the most part, mycotoxins that have been shown to be immunosuppressants that will further weaken your immune system by destroying the friendly bacteria guarding your intestines!


In fact, every time you swallow antibiotics, you kill large numbers of beneficial bacteria in your intestine, upsetting the delicate balance in your intestinal tract. And these friendly bacteria can be quickly replaced by hostile bacteria, including Candida yeast, a powerful member of the fungi family, and bad anaerobic bacteria.


As your intestinal bacteria die, yeasts can thrive and even use their tendrils to literally poke holes through the lining of your intestinal wall, resulting in a syndrome called leaky gut. And yeasts are not the only possible cause of this syndrome. Some scientists have linked non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) such as naproxen and ibuprofen to the problem too.


More recently, scientists presented findings that linked antibiotics with allergies and asthma Researchers concluded the changes to both the growth of bacteria and fungi within the GI tract from antibiotics disrupted the function of your regulatory T cells to lessen the immune system reaction to respiratory allergens.


So, it's important to remember that while your antibiotic may save you from one problem, it may cause a host of other problems. There is a common misconception that you should wait until you are finished with your antibiotic to start taking probiotics. Even though the antibiotic is killing the good bacteria, that's exactly when you need it the most!


You should also be aware that, even if you’re careful to avoid antibiotic prescriptions, you still might be taking them with every bite of beef you eat. That's because more antibiotics per pound are used on livestock than in human medicine. Nearly every restaurant does use factory farmed beef that are exposed to these antibiotics, so even if you avoid them at home, you will likely be exposed when you eat away from home.


By simply taking an occasional probiotic, not only will you decrease your risk of developing allergies and asthma, but also you will strengthen your immune system helping you to avoid a need for antibiotics in the first place!


………So now you know why probiotics are necessary. But in order to do their job effectively, probiotic population must be high, and the strains of microorganisms viable and of good quality in the intestinal tract where they aid your body to absorb nutrients and establish proper pH.


Full article at www.mercola.com



Kay’s Note:  This article recommends a specific brand of probiotic that contains the bifidus strain of bacteria. Elaine Gottschall didn't recommend bifidus since it often mutates into unhealthy bacteria in the gut.  It’s my understanding that the SCD homemade lactose-free 24 hour yogurt is higher in probiotics than any supplement found, plus it gives us another food option and . . . it’s just so delicious and versatile!


When you have those times when you want something, but don’t know what, try mixing a little SCD yogurt with fruit, honey, nuts, nut butter or veggies. I love a little mixed with pineapple in my Waldorf Salad or Tuna salad. A dollop with a little honey, or plain, on top of almond flour baked goodies is always great. And, of course, the all time favorite . . . the yogurt smoothie!


Most of us with health issues have found that a daily “dose” keeps us in tip top shape. So, eat your bugs and  BE HEALTHY!