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Today I heard that Dr. Kevin Merigian, a toxicologist practicing out of
Cordova, TN and who has been called in as a consultant by the Government in
cases of suspected metal toxicity, is recommending SCD for patients. The
patient (who originally contacted Lucy Rosset) and I have just
gotten off the phone.  Her husband was stricken with what appeared to be a
fatal case of heavy metal toxicity while on the job.  They travelled from
California to Tennessee to see Dr. Merigian.  He told the patient that the
only thing that could save his life was to go on The Specific
Carbohydrate Diet.  I spoke to the wife and she says they are enjoying the
diet and it appears that her husband is finally coming around.  Dr. Merigian
said it would be slow but sure. This is very exciting
especially for those children who show high mercury and/or lead levels. I
have always felt that SCD would detoxify the liver given time and it has
proven to avoid a liver transplant in one child with Crohn's disease (there
may be others about which I have no knowledge). Needless to say, I am

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