# 1 - WHY FOLLOW "SCD"? > * AN AWAKENING - 2003

I recently returned from a business trip where 50,000 inspired women from all over the World converged over a span of about 5 weeks.   I’ve been making this yearly trek for almost 30 years, and seldom enjoyed it because of health problems.  However, two years ago after a diagnosis of Celiac Disease, I changed everything in my diet and this year was a whole new story!  This year I had the time of my life, and made some big goals for my business; that I’m truly going to need God’s help to achieve! He’s so blessed my family and me with good health in these last two years, and I know He has so many important things left for me to do.  


I came home saddened, however.   Never before have I seen so many of our beautiful, incredibly inspirational and successful women who are dealing with so many major health

problems.  Some of the women I’ve known and loved for years are courageously battling illnesses that are slowly devastating them. How do I know?  The grapevine talks, and since many members of my family and I were having major health problems two years ago; I’ve learned to recognize the symptoms.  My question was and still is:  “How can we live our life and opportunities fully if we are battling health problems?” 


I came home with many names of women who asked me how I lost my weight and looked so much healthier and younger.  Wow, that’s just what every “almost 60-year-old” wants to hear!  I came home this year energized instead of totally drained and exhausted like I did 2 years ago.  When I walked through the door of my home, I took one look at my husband and fully realized that he was truly a new man from two years ago.  I visited with my 79 years young Mother the next day, and realized that our diet change and what it’s done for all of my family and many of our friends needs to be shouted from the rooftops!  Our lives and thousands of others have been renewed, given back, or rejuvenated as a result of just changing the foods we eat . . . our "Miracle Diet", we call it! 


Allergies, intolerances, obesity, digestive/intestinal/bowel, and autoimmune diseases are running rampant!  Everyone I talk to at any length has (or knows someone with) health problems that are obviously related to diet, nutrition and a weakened immune system.  From working with people all around the world for the last two years, I’ve learned that most of us have been misled and are confused concerning what’s healthy and what’s not.  I’ve also learned that this doesn’t have to be . . . that there is good information available. I also believe that God will lead us to those answers and help us simplify this puzzle if we are: 


1. Willing to read

2. Willing to sift through the misinformation and keep going

3. Courageous enough to make changes


Like many of you, I am angry and outraged at the propaganda and misinformation given out by the agencies we should be able to trust:


1. The Food Industry that entices us to believe that processed and low-fat foods are healthy when we see even our children’s health in this country at a crisis level and we read about the research and evidence that they’re detrimental to everyone’s health. 


2.  The Pharmaceutical Industry that constantly entices us to believe that we can just “pop a pill” to get well and that fails to tell us that medications are only masking the symptoms of the illness and that they all have side effects that are often devastating and irreversible.


3.  The Mainstream Doctors – who know little to nothing about nutrition and foods in relation to the digestive process; when they should know that poor nutrition and malabsorption of nutrients are the cause of the majority of our health problems.  I am particularly angry with those who do know the facts and refuse to pass the information on to their patients because they are afraid they will be ostracized by their peers or that people will get well and not need to pay for their “services”.


4. The American Dietetic Association – that is controlled by the grain industry that tells us that 12 servings of grains a day are healthy and that pushes low-fat foods that have been proven to put people’s health at risk for obesity, diabetes, heart disease, digestive/intestinal/colon and other autoimmune diseases. 


5. The National Celiac Organizations and Celiac Websites – who are controlled by a gluten-free packaged food industry that entice people to believe that eating gluten-free starch/sugar/carbohydrate processed foods that are void of beneficial nutrients as the way to get well.


6. The Nutritional Supplement and Weight-loss Companies – who entice us to believe that there’s a “quick fix”; who prey on and make money on sick, desperate individuals by telling them that they can “pop a supplement” and get well.


7.  Advertising - that entices us to look intelligent, sexy and smart by buying fast foods, junk foods, high carbohydrate foods, cigarettes and prescription drugs instead of making healthy choices and lifestyle changes.


Like many of you, I am tired of being misled and propagandized by “big business” at my and your expense!   For too long we have been made to believe that sickness is either genetic or just the “natural progression of aging”.  I say that “abuse of our bodies” through improper diet, lack of exercise, and overuse of OTC and prescription drugs brings on a “natural progression of illness”.  If you don’t believe that, take a look at our young people who are more overweight and having more health problems than ever in history. 


You and I can’t change EVERYTHING in our environment, but we CAN change SOME THINGS!  The task is in the hands of mothers and the cooks in every kitchen to do the research, take control, and make changes in the foods their family eats in order to build a stronger immune system that will fight for us, instead of against us. 


If not us, then who??? 


And . . . why not YOU???





and they can influence others.



ONE PERSON AT A TIME we can all make a tremendous difference!!! 

Kay Stence