I find that most Celiacs are in a constant state of frustration searching for easy fast packaged processed foods with no "gluten".  Packaged foods are always a risk for “hidden” glutens.  A packaged food might be free of gluten today, but tomorrow the manufacturer may change the recipe or the processing to include gluten. We found that fretting over labels, frantically calling food companies (who may or may not give accurate information) is just not worth the time or the stress. 


We've learned that most Celiacs don't get well just by eliminating gluten, and that our compromised immune systems need good whole natural foods to repair and rebuild. I don't believe the gluten-free food industry, as it is today, has benefited the Celiac community. What we are seeing is just more fast empty nutrient foods . . . the foods that damaged our digestive system and got us in this health crisis we are in today!  


Since Celiacs are at high risk for diabetes, it seems ludicrous to me that we would even consider eating a diet including packaged foods with yeast, sugars, gum stabilizers and grains (rice & corn included) tapioca, potato, and other flours that are extremely high in starch/sugar/carbohydrates and have little to no nutritional value after processing.  These foods feed the critters causing overgrowth of bacteria and damage in the gut, which causes gluten intolerance in the first place. 


I’ve also learned that if we carry the gene that gives us the propensity for Celiac Disease, then we are also susceptible to “villi” damage from the above foods and any other foods that do not digest easily and move out of the digestive tract quickly.


Here are some interesting questions that keep coming up: 


  1. If Celiac organizations are interested in helping Celiacs get well, why are many of us who are interested in good nutrition banned from writing on the Celiac Listserves?

  1. Why do the National Celiac organizations continue to promote a gluten-free food industry that’s made up of high carbohydrate refined foods that are detrimental to those with compromised immune systems . . . especially since there is a strong link between Celiac Disease, Diabetes. Heart Disease, etc.? 

  1. Why don’t medical doctors recognize and treat the cause of intestinal diseases rather than just the symptoms? 

We would have to assume that making money, at the expense of health, is the driving force behind the Celiac organizations . . . just as it has been for the food and pharmaceutical industries for years. 


On the subject of gluten-free flour . . . ground almonds used in the SCDiet as a substitute for these flours, is highly nutritious and supplies the diet with the good essential fats that help to lower cholesterol . . .  not to mention how great it tastes!  By omitting sugar, yeast, grains, rice, corn, tapioca and potato as diet “fillers” (and all feed and overgrow the bacteria), and increasing protein, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds, we starve the bacteria in the intestines of the sugars they need to multiply . . . while sufficiently nourishing the body. Cravings stop and energy levels remain stable without the consumption of sugars/starches.  We are still getting the necessary carbohydrates and fiber through natural fruits, vegetables, and nuts. 


Those I know personally (from ages 5 to 85) who are fanatically following this way of eating have found it surprisingly easy after they’ve become accustomed to it.  They’ve seen definite improvements in their health in a very short time . . . usually within 2 to 4 weeks.  Some take longer to see results depending on the damage already done to the intestines and the length of time they've malabsorbed nutrients. 


Personally, I felt “better” eating gluten-free . . . but I felt “unbelievably  wonderful” after eliminating the starches and refined sugar . . . the difference was like night and day!  No one could have convinced me that would happen . . . I had to try it to believe it!


I believe the only way for Celiacs to avoid further damage to the villi and become healthy is to make all foods from “scratch” (so you KNOW what you are eating) and to avoid the foods that feed and perpetuate the growth of intestinal bacteria . . . those foods that helped to make us sick in the first place.


I believe the real bottom line is that pharmaceutical companies have tried to turn ‘gluten intolerance’ into a disease (Celiac) so they can come up with a money-making pill for it. I don't believe 'gluten intolerance' is a disease at all . . . just another symptom of a damaged gut from bacterial overgrowth. That is what Elaine Gottschall's research proved and why this diet works so well to heal us all.

Kay Stence