Since 2000 I’ve worked with hundreds of people over the U.S. who suffer from chronic digestive and gastrointestinal complications and diseases.  I’ve learned that medications and surgeries are typically only a ‘temporary fix’.  Mainstream treatments do not ‘cure’ these diseases.  I encourage you to do extensive research and consider your choices early.  Don’t wait too long . . . until you have no choices left. Below are the choices that you need to know about and doctors typically don’t tell you about:

1.     Take strong drugs - These only temporarily mask symptoms and even become ineffective after a while. They suppress the immune system and, in time, cause multiple side effects.  This option leaves the digestive system still ‘malfunctioning’ and malabsorbing nutrients which leaves the already compromised immune system in a more weakened state . . . leaving the body vulnerable to more diseases.  If reflux is involved, the erosion damage continues in the esophagus, even though the symptoms are minimized for a while . . . and often leads to Barrett’s Disease or Esophageal Cancer.

2.     Surgically remove the diseased area - When strong drugs don’t work anymore (and they will stop eventually), stretching the esophagus, or surgery to repair the valve between the stomach and esophagus, or surgery to remove damaged parts of the intestines/colon are the next options.  This leaves scar tissue that can cause strictures and narrowing and typically the need for more surgeries in the future. Thickening of the walls of the esophagus or intestines from chronic inflammation will also add to narrowing and increases the chance of blockages and cancer.  Surgery does not eliminate the ‘cause’ of the disease.  After the damaged area is removed, another part of the intestines/colon usually becomes diseased if the cause is not corrected.  Again, more surgery is necessary. With each removal of damaged areas, there will be less intestines and less enzymes for breaking down and absorbing nutrients from foods . . . causing an even weaker immune system. If cancer develops and radiation is required, scarring often leads to strictures; sometimes requiring intravenous feeding for the rest of a patient’s life.

3.    Treat the CAUSE of the disease by changing diet - Avoid specific foods that feed and multiply unfriendly intestinal bacteria and cause inflammation and damage to the intestinal villi, destroying digestive enzymes and causing malabsorbtion of nutrients, a weakened immune system, and disease.  Add probiotics in the form of a homemade lactose-free yogurt that will replace unfriendly bacteria with friendly bacteria, repair the villi and replace digestive enzymes and critical nutrients.  As inflammation disappears and the villi heal, digestion is optimized and nutrients can once again be absorbed properly.  Then while consuming a nutritious diet, the immune system can rebuild, allowing one to live an even healthier-than-average life. 

 Considering these options, it seems that it just makes good sense to choose #3 and get on a “safe, healthy diet” and eliminate as many drugs as possible with all their side effects, and the possibility of unnecessary or repeated surgeries . . . with the likelihood that you will look better, feel better, have more energy, live longer and enjoy life more than you have in the past! If you’re sick, you can get better, perhaps completely well.  Even if you’re healthy, eating this way will help to keep you that way!  In a nutshell, the Specific Carbohydrate Diet can build/rebuild a healthy immune system that fights for and not against you.

I know . . . it sounds too simple, doesn’t it?  Well, I, too, didn’t believe it until I tried it!  I've seen firsthand how my family members and many others I know personally have healed from a multitude of ailments and have been able to eliminate many or all medications. The SCDiet has now healed my husband (diagnosed with Crohn's and Acid Reflux Disease), my 83 year old mother (Diverticulitis, hiatal hernia, bleeding ulcer, and Acid Reflux Disease), a brother (IBS and Acid Reflux Disease),  another brother (IBS), a son (Celiac Disease),  me (Celiac Disease, Fibromyalgia, Acid Reflux Disease, Asthma and Depression) and a multitude of friends and acquaintances I've worked with all over the world with everything from Acid Reflux to various intestinal/colon disorders/diseases.  When I saw it work its wonders on all my family members that I knew so well, I knew I had made a great discovery!  By following this doctor-tested diet from the 1940's, we have all become healthier and feel better than we have in most of our lifetime!


What have you got to lose by trying the SCDiet for a month to see if you see any improvements?  In just two weeks I knew I would never eat any other way again!  For some it takes a little longer to know.  When it works for you, you too, will be shouting to the rooftops! 


If it doesn’t work, what have you lost? 

Kay Stence