Ingestion of processed free glutamic acid (MSG) is known to produce a variety of adverse reactions in some people. These reactions, although seemingly dissimilar, are no more diverse than reactions found as side effects of certain neurological drugs. We do not know why some people experience reactions and others do not. We do not know whether MSG "causes" the condition underlying the reaction, or whether the underlying condition is simply aggravated by the ingestion of MSG. We only know that the reactions listed below are sometimes caused or exacerbated by MSG.


All forms of MSG (free glutamic acid that occurs in food as a consequence of manufacture or fermentation) cause these reactions in MSG-sensitive people. That includes MSG found in a plant "growth enhancer" called AuxiGro, and MSG found in a variety of other fertilizers and fungicides that have been approved for spraying on growing crops, including crops identified as "organic." 


- Arrhythmia 
- Atrial fibrillation 
- Tachycardia 
... Rapid heartbeat 
... Palpitations 
- Slow heartbeat 
- Angina 
- Extreme rise or drop.in blood pressure

- Swelling

- Diarrhea 

- Nausea/vomiting 

- Stomach cramps 

- Irritable bowel 

- Swelling of hemorrhoids and/or anus area 

- Rectal bleeding 

- Bloating 


-Flu-like achiness 
-Joint pain 


-Mood swings 

-Rage reactions 

-Migraine headache 



-Loss of balance


-Mental confusion 


-Panic attacks 


-Behavioral problems.in children 

-Attention deficit disorders 

Neurological (cont.)

-Numbness or paralysis 
-Slurred speech 
-Chills and shakes 

-Blurred vision 

-Difficulty focusing

-Pressure around eyes


-Shortness of breath 

-Chest pain 

-Tightness in the chest 
-Runny nose 


Urological / Genital

-Swelling of the prostate 
-Swelling of the vagina 
-Vaginal spotting
-Frequent urination 

-Hives (may be both internal and external) 


-Mouth lesions 

-Temporary tightness or partial paralysis (numbness or tingling) of the skin 


-Extreme dryness of the.mouth / thirst

-Face swelling 

-Tongue swelling 

-Bags under eye.


Endocrine disorders; conditions such as gross obesity, stunted growth, learning disabilities, and behavior disorders caused by MSG-induced damage to the endocrine system; and glaucoma and retinal degeneration (possibly leading to blindness) are not classified as "adverse reactions."  When caused by MSG, their roots lie in destruction of brain and/or retina cells, possibly years before the conditions are first observed.

Research confirming that MSG consumed by laboratory animals causes brain lesions in the area of the hypothalamus has been replicated many times. Research that has claimed that MSG is "safe" has always been seriously flawed; and has always been financed, directly or indirectly, by the glutamate industry.

Obesity, reproductive disorders, and learning impairment, sometimes obvious only after puberty, may have their origins in neuroendocrine dysfunction caused by exposure of infants and small children to MSG.



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